Keon (again) or handy? Large Fleshlight collection

I’ve read many threads already about Keon vs Handy. Which is better and why.

So here’s my problem. My Keon broke, literally last week; 2 days after warranty was done with. They won’t replace it or anything. (Sucks)
What happens is the mechanism gets stuck when moving up and down, It’s VERY hard to move it.
I don’t know if lubricating it will help (no idea what lubricant to use actually.)

I am on the fence about buying another Keon, because I used it like… 40-50 times max in the last year. Then it broke. I only want the Keon because it’s the only one that works with Fleshlights. Their app actually sucks, and there’s no good mobile device support for it.

But I know some people say that the Handy + the 3D printed accessory for Fleshlights works just fine.
But some other people say it’s too heavy for the Handy’s motor.

I’m aware of the OSR2+ etc. but I think they’re very pricey. I also don’t like the fact you basically need an entire setup to make it work properly.

Here’s why I liked the Keon. I could just grab it, sync, use it. Remove it and done. It was VERY simple and VERY easy to setup and use and it worked with my fleshlights. I don’t mind holding the device in my hands, it’s similar to me holding someones waist when they ride me.

I’ve never used the Handy. This is where I have my hesitation.

Basically I’d use the handy if:

  1. I can use my fleshlights no problem
  2. the wired connection isn’t too much of a problem
  3. It’s not awkward to hold.

I mainly use my toys in my chair/bed. I know some people have hands-free ad-ons but it wouldn’t work for me if I stand up.
If I can use my fleshlights, and there’s a hands-free option for the Handy for sitting/lying down then I bet all 3 issues would be a non issue and I’d get the Handy.

Is it possible?

The cable is pretty long and I’ve never had it get unplugged while using it

In my opinion it’s awkward as fuck to use without a hands free set up, that’s probably exacerbated by the tenga airtech ultra I use being much heavier than the default handy sleeve

I’ve got a monitor clamp mount that I attach to one of the slats under my matress, I use it in bed and occasionally sitting up if I want extra immersion in a really good scene

Takes me under a minute to grab the handy (permanently attached to the hands free mount) from under my bed, attach it and strap in. I use Stash (2d) & XBVR (vr) which require an initial one time set up but then sync automatically to the handy as soon as I turn it on.

You didn’t ask about it but I do think it’s worth mentioning that the handy is pretty loud, I would find it incredibly distracting if I didn’t have noice canceling headphones

Thanks for the quick response!

Yeah, I don’t think I want to invest in a clamp mount to have it as hands free. That seems very annoying. I share a bed, so it wouldn’t work well.
So it seems that the Handy won’t really suit my needs.

This sucks, because I really don’t want to go back to the Keon because it broke so quickly and easily. While everything else seems to need accessories/hands free setup and needs a lot of work arounds to have it comfortable.

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There will be an official hands free option for the handy in a few months that may be simpler, still no word on what exactly it’ll entail though

I also know other people use tripods and laptop trays so wait for some more responses before deciding anything :slight_smile:

I just checked they said that Q2 2022 they’ll have it ready.
Even with some issues (12 days ago). So Summer time would be likely.

I think I’ll just have to wait it out and see whats up.

As someone who went the Launch → Handy route I think that the Handy is totally worth it over Launch/Keon. Now to your questions:

  1. You can use Handy with fleshlights but you will need to attach the fleshlight yourself, either by zipties or velcro straps. The Handy might have a problem with the weight of the fleshlights resulting in shorter movements, but with some trial and error you can create one of those suction effects that will push the fleshlight when it goes up and you won’t feel a difference between lighter and heavier sleeves. Although if you have a large fleshlight collection it might be worth to get OSR instead.

  2. The wired connection is one of the best things about Handy. No more charging after every session and you can go for as long as you want without worrying that your toy will die in the middle of the script.

  3. You can always DIY a hands free mount for less than $20, I personally use the gooseneck tablet holder + zipties idea, but if you look around there is a lot of different type of setups.

I’ve tried many times to get a solid answer regarding whether or not a fleshlight was too much for the handy. Maybe I’m asking in the wrong places because I only seem to get answers from handy evangelists who give me answers like ‘I hate the fleshlight anyway’, ‘fleshlight is needlessly bulky’ etc. Which tells me that for the most part a fleshlight is too much for the handy’s motor.

Truly though IMO the handy’s fatal flaw is its design. It’s not centered. That means it’s a real pain to go hands free with. Setting up stands and clamps is honestly pretty ridiculous considering the alternative. You know how you go hands free with a keon? Get a memory foam neck pillow. Simple as that!

So the above really just leaves the keon, which as you know still isn’t ideal. It takes fleshlights, goes hands free easily, but Kiiroo is just atrocious to deal with and they gave it a battery capacity that’s about 20% of its predecessor the launch. Combine that with not being able to use it plugged in without mods, PLUS not being able to charge it until it’s at 20-30% so you can’t even precharge(!!!) makes for one of the most stupidly designed things I’ve seen in a long while. Decent device held back by spectacularly awful design decisions, but again, this is Kiiroo we’re dealing with here.

There’s always the OSR of course, but if a handy clamp is too fiddly then the OSR is a whole other level of cumbersome. Not to mention I hear parts might need to be replaced on a semi regular basis.

Honestly if someone just made a better keon it would blow everything else out of the water. And for anyone out there considering this - a reminder of the most critical feature - one that is NOT. TIED. INTO. AN. ECOSYSTEM. Otherwise it’s a non-starter.

I’m afraid as far as fleshlight compatible devices go you may already have the best of a bad bunch. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m personally still using my trusty launch. It’s far from perfect and I’d really love to replace it but so far nobody has provided a suitable upgrade path.

I think it’s also worth mentioning just how much more accurate and powerful the handy and osr2 (best by a wide margin I hear) are than the launch/keon. Older scripts designed for the launch are noticeably sluggish and poorly synced due to not being able to keep up.

A handy going at maybe 70% speed with a heavier sleeve (probs still not as heavy as a flashlight) wouldn’t be held in place by a pillow no matter how ergonomically it was shaped.

You pay a price for convenience just like you pay a price for power.

Agreed 100000000%

Maybe the Launch is the best from a Fleshlight sleeve perspective. However, the lack of stroke length (8.5cm compared to 11,5 cm for TheHandy) and not being able to run faster scripts that newer devices can handle were major issues for me.

You were obviously also lucky to get units with a good bluetooth receiver/transmitter while mine, and many others, broke after the warranty had expired.

However, the Launch was a good device overall and I agree to most that has already been said about the good and bad regarding TheLaunch, Keon, OSR… Still, I prefer TheHandy over Launch despite the off-center design of the sleeve.

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Yeah the stroke length is actually crucial for me.

I have a question if you don’t mind me asking. Do you have the Fleshlight on your handy? On faster scripts does it actually move up and down?
With the Keon, I found that on faster ones… it stops. or it barely moves up and down and it’s as if it was trying to but couldn’t.

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No, I don’t use any full size Fleshlights. I have Quickshots, Tengas and Fleshlight Flight variants. I decided I preferred more accurate high speed scripts rather than use a few older Fleshlights. People do use Fleshlights though, but I don’t know how much speed is sacrificed causing shorter strokes in faster sections.

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I use an airtech ultra that weighs about 600g. The handy is certainly louder than with lighter sleeves but still moves at full speed. It’s got enough inertia that I had to reinforce my hands free set up and would consider it unusable if I had to hold it myself.

Why would you consider it unusable?
Just uncomfortable to hold?

So oddly enough. Standard fleshlights fit just fine inside the Kiiro case… which is much lighter than the regular fleshlight case, and it’s also thinner around the base. It’s very comparable to the “Fleshlight Go” size and weight. So I wonder if that may fit just fine.

Handy All the Way.
The Fleshlight Flight Aviator is my go to sleeve on the Handy.

It is light enough to give you the full handy experience + the full coverage for most as the regular fleshlights.

All you need is velcro tape from amazon and apply it to the FL case. I have never needed to re-apply the velcro tape ever.

The Flight Commander is my backup for blowjob scenes and since it is they use the same case it is interchangeable with the Flight Aviator.

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When moving fast you’d be wrestling it so much that it would completely distract from the scene you’re trying to watch at least imo. The handy is pretty powerful and generates a lot of force when going full speed holding a half kilo sleeve

First time poster. I still own a launch but have used it maybe once since buying the handy 2 years ago. It has been a DIY experience for me just cause I like to make things “mine”. Actually bought a 3D printer just to make my Fleshlight adapter and handy vesa mount for the handy (you definitely dont need to do that, there are other of the shelf DIY options that people have found).
All of that said, I mostly use the quickshot but will ocationally use my full size fleshlights. I have never noticed the fleshlight move any slower than the quickshot but it is louder and has over heated (shut off blinking red) on me a few times after a longer video.
I would never use it with a full size fleshlight with out a strong handys free mount. You would be fighting the inertia of it the whole time.
I know thats not super helpful but having used both devices I personally like the handy over the launch for its stroking speed and continuous power. That being said you could always loose power or internet, not a deal breaker just something to keep in mind.

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My keon just stopped working and they won`t replace it because I bought it through Amazon and not directly with them…

Even with the receipts and everything…

I guess I`m going for the Handy, the Kiiroo support wasnt really helpful.

dude, i stuck with the launch soley because i was in love with my fleshlights, i still am tbh, but ive just bought myself a handy and i can now not go back to the launch, it has completely surprised me, the handy experieince is just all round alot better than the lauch, i even like the standard handy sleeve lol its not close to as good as a fleshlight but it works well,

honestly even if you dont replace the keon/launch with the handy, you should add the handy to your collection, its really awesome!!

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