Keon scripting speeds and length


I tried to figure it out but I think I’m missing something.

I’m using OFS and tried scripting.

After hours I tried to find out what the limits of the Keon are. But all I find is 230 strokes per minute. And if I’m testing it (OFS 4-10 in 290ms) it feels like it’s stuttering. On the otherhand scripts from other creators feel like they can get faster without stuttering.

So what am I missing? What are the limits? What do I need to configure in OFS and ScriptPlayer?

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So this might not be super helpful, but one of the biggest things the Keon has going against it is that it uses Bluetooth and not wifi so it can’t do nearly as many fast actions as a handy. I hated my Keon for playing scripts, it just couldn’t handle anything that got remotely fast without stuttering. I got a handy a few weeks ago and it’s been mindblowing how much better it is at playing interactive scripts. Tossed the Keon in the closet and i dunno if i’ll ever use it again.

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