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Are there any alternative video players other than scriptplayer i can use with my keon. I want to be able to use scripts but my keon doesn’t seem to connect to scriptplayer. I’ve tried many different ideas but none work. Thanks!

I’m using handy already but i have keon too.

Tell me:
1.What is Your version of script player?
2.Did You turn On bluetooth on Your PC/laptop?
3.Are you running Intiface desktop?

Hi @NL02 - not sure if you use 2d only or VR, but if you use VR then I would highly recommend trying haptics connect app on your mobile device or Quest

It connects fast and really easy, and there are new edging control features you can use now with it (which will also greatly improved as well in new upcoming update)

Full Step by step guide here → How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!)

Read from Option 2

Let me know if you get stuck anywhere at all

Hi Realcumber

I use the haptics connect app on quest 2 with SLR app to stream SLR vids and works really well with Keon. Do you know if can be used with Czechvr when streaming vids from their website?

Hi @fouch - thats great to hear! I dont think that haptics connect streaming works for other studio sites like Czechvr though, as its an SLR in house developed app specifically for SLR streaming (and local playback)

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Thought that would be the case. By the way I am recent convert to scripts and find ones you’ve done to be better quality than most. Have you done any for Czech? Do you have list all scripts you have created?

I have tried both the latest version and the beta for scriptplayer. My bluetooth is on but I don’t connect it directly to the bluetooth and yes, I use intiface.

Hey thanks for the help!. I don’t use vr, only 2d. Will the haptics app help me with watching 2d?

I use DeoVR with the SLR Haptics app. If you connect DeoVR to SLR’s website and login, it will load the necessary components to activate the connection between DeoVR and the Haptics app.

The CzechVR website does contain links for DeoVR, and I believe those links are supposed to load the correct JSON info for DeoVR. But, I haven’t been able to get that to work. Instead, I download the videos and the funscript files from CzechVR and then match the files with XBVR (which I loaded on my laptop). Then, I do the following…

  1. Launch the Haptics app (which is logged-in to SLR)
  2. Launch DeoVR
  3. Point DeoVR to SLR’s website (and login if needed) – this will connect DeoVR to the Haptics app
  4. Point DeoVR at the XBVR IP address on my laptop

I have downloaded dozens of scripts and mp4 files downloaded from CzechVR, and I can watch them through DeoVR and have the Keon follow the scripts.

I hope that info helps.

I had a feeling you might be using only 2D - in that case it would not work as Haptics app you would need a VR headset currently (which I really recommend everyone to get into one day)

You can watch all your 2d local videos and scripts with haptics connect app, but you would still need VR headset to watch the videos in the headset with 2d theatre playback

Hi @fouch - thats really great to hear and know, as I’ve been doing this for a very long time :slight_smile: - sincerely thank you and thanks for the support! :hugs: :hugs:

In another life I did many scripts for CzechVR and others, but since I’ve shifted focus to all scenes on SLR, in particular SLR Originals, and VR Edging

You can find a more comprehensive list of all my scripts on SLR right here! →

at my pc I use Keon. Working with Script Player.

Thats the way it work for me:
I have a USB bluetooth Dongle on my Pc and my Keon

I Use the Intiface Desktop (Releases · intiface/intiface-desktop · GitHub)
Installed the " intiface-desktop-27.0.0-win.exe "112 MB

First way to get a connection Test (keon Bluetooth)

  • Start Intiface Desktop
  • Turn on Keon (blink blue… Check its not Connected to Mobielphones or elsewere)
  • [Intiface Destop] Go to Devices (Menue). “Start Server and Scan for Devices” Button. Takes about 5-10 Seconds
    ( Now my Keon has a straight blue light) When start Run Oscillations it goes up and down :wink:
    If you want to disconnect Keon… go To server Status and press Stop Server.

Now The way to get started with Script Player:

  • Start Interface Destop.
  • Turn on Keon
  • [Intiface Destop] Server Status (Menu) Start Server Button ( Server Works … Status: Disconnected !) No Connection startet
  • Start Script Player
  • [ Script Player]Menu Devices → Buttplug / Intiface → Connect.
    … Result: On Script Player “Connecting to Buttplug 1/10 Attempt”->“Connected to Butplug”
    … Result: On “Intiface Desktop” status changed to Status: “Connected To ScriptPlayer”
  • Next Step on Script Player Menu Devices → Buttplug / Intiface → “Scan for Device”
    … Result: Keon connected blue straigt light and a little move
    … Result: Intiface Desktop Devices *Kiiroo Keon"
    … Result Scriptplayer Device Connected:Kiroo Keon

How You open a working Video…
Open Video like “girlxxclip.mp4” and if in same folder is the script file “girlxxxclip.funscrpt” important same name! (or load the script extra when name differ)

Hopfully it helps and solve your problems!

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Ok then now tell me what BT dongle You using? It’s build-in or external dongle? Remember that not works with USB 3.0 port, You must insert it to USB 2.0. Regards.

did you figure out what the best scriptplayer settings are for the kiiroo keon ?

like min command delay / speed / range / filter range & Vibration Conversion Mode ?

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