Keon shutting off after like 5-6 minutes

So I got my Keon quite literally yesterday, first use was fine it shut off about 20 or 30 minutes in which I thought was the norm for it to be honest. After a few more uses about 3 or 4 it started shutting off about 5 minutes after being turned on. I looked it up and no one else is having the same issues as me, the package arrived a bit rough but nothing seemed broken inside when I opened it. I wanted to know if I should mod my Keon for the wall adapter or should I just see if my warranty will cover it?

The specification say:
Charging: 4 hours
User time: 30 min-2 hours depending on usage

If I recall correctly people has been annoyed that you need to drain the battery under a certain level for it to charge. Don’t know if this is still a thing.

Anyways, a brand new Keon should not die after 5-6 minutes unless you have used up the battery and not charged it properly afterwards. If you start modding you will void the warranty, so start with contacting Kiiroo support and see what they say.

Well it completely shuts off and then after charging for a while it turns green and it lasts around 5 minutes I just tested it out

It also takes around 30 minutes to charge till the green lights start flashing

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