Keon VS Handy

How much better is The Handy over the Keon?

I know the Keon has some real big issues with stuttering when the action gets too fast.
Handy has longer strokes yeah? No battery to charge.
I felt like the Keon’s sleeve was way too small , even though I am not exactly huge. I am also uncircumsized if that matters.

What else?

I was recently researching this as well. From everything I have read it seems like the Handy is superior the Keon/Launch as it doesn’t have stuttering and has a higher rate of speed. Seems like the biggest issues that people have had (solved already) is mounting them for hands free play or modifying them for alternate sleeves.

I have not looked much into any other toy, but you might also want to look into the OSR as from what I have read it seems leading edge. I still need to do more research myself:

Link to some useful information on the handy below:

I’d love to get the OSR2 , but it seems like someone with a technical knowledge would benefit most from it.

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the handy and keon have the same movement speed, but the time between direction changes is by the keon 100ms and the handy 50ms so the handy has less problems with scripts that has direction changes with little time between them

A personal thing for me is the handy uses wifi and the keon bluetooth, bluetooth is under normal circumstances a weaker signal, far more prone to disconnecting, my onyx+ (same company as the keon) had huge troubles with it.

as for the sleeve there wins the keon, but there will be new sleeves for the handy soon, as they are developed right now.

And like most of the europeans i am not circumsized either, and i dont think it makes a difference. It should make your cock be a little more sensitive but thats it(not in my case though i never seen it cry during a sad movie :rofl:)

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My keon just stopped working and they won`t replace it because I bought it through Amazon and not directly with them…

Even with the receipts and everything…

I guess I`m going for the Handy, the Kiiroo support wasnt really helpful.

ive literally just made the switch from the lauch to the handy, i really liked my launch, i bought the handy as an extra, just for something different

but let me tell you now, im NEVER going back to the launch lol the handy is far better, ive been going back to experience all my fave scenes with the handy and its like im now feeling it as it was made to be felt, i feel all the tiny movements much better, even the fastest parts of the script the handy handles PERFECTLY, it feels far more in sync with the scene because there is zero stuttering, no struggle at all, its flawless!!

the handy may be old news now to alot of people but for me i feel ive just had a next gen jump in sex toy, im super happy with it, and i encourage everybody with a LAUNCH to upgrade, because it is an UPGRADE, a big one :slight_smile:

i cant speak for the keon, never owned one, and now i never will lol

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If the handy just added a twist somehow it would be the perfect machine. The OSR is just too bulky and complex.

If the handy just added a twist somehow it would be the perfect machine.

Or some way to adjust the pressure mid-use

i bought the whole Keon eco system… and many useless accessories like the 100$ desk clamp that dont work… only to have the keon, and 2x pulse solo die on me…

Switching to Handy or OSRx if they get an electrical passthrough instead of god damn batteries that die while you climax