Kiiroo KEON vs Onyx+?

Looking to find a replacement for my Fleshlight Launch. I was wondering if anybody recommends one over the other? Or perhaps even just a comparison between the two? I know the KEON is supposed to be like a Launch successor, but I don’t mind trying something new if it’s better. As a side question: these both work with SLR and .funscript files, correct?

If you want to experience the best hands down performance - go with OSR2:

Keons good just like launch but we’re trying to figure out better smoother playback algorithm at the moment

Handy is another great alternative - bigger stroke depth than launch/Keon, which is big deal but for most part , u need to hold with one hand, and designed for its stock sleeve

No need to consider any others really

Yes SLR and .funscript files fully supported with those


As a person who has owned both I can say with complete honesty that Keon is superior to Onyx+ in every way.

I am an average sized guy and I had practically no feeling when using the Onyx+ but I also didnt invest in the tight sleeves on the off chance it would be better.
Keon has a good hour of charge, but its sleeve collection is limited to only one at the moment so it would be wiser to buy the Handy like cumber recommended.


I actually pull out my Onyx+ for a nice long massage sessions when I want to last almost forever lol - imagine a water massage on your cock with light jet pressure
The playback algorithm needs to be improved as it can be better though to draw out the strokes much better

Keon actually fits basically all your Fleshlight sleeves FYI - I dont use the stock one, its too tight


Thank you for your guys’ input! I’ll definitely take a look into these suggestions.

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I guarantee you that if you go for the Handy, you’ll wonder in hindsight why you ever considered something else. I know that brand is pretty fresh on the market and seems more like a risk, but that device and company simply cannot be recommended enough. I haven’t seen anyone here yet who regrets buying it.


I can also recommend the Handy. The company behind it is great and keeps improving the device. There are new firmware releases now and then to make improvements, they release new sleeves, they improved the strap, they involve the community and last night they hosted a webcam live session, where a model controls your Handy (video can be found here).

The Handy was my first automated device. I always wanted one, but the others didn’t get too many good reviews and didn’t really appeal to me. I found the Handy, bought it and it’s fantastic. Works very well with scripts, since the stroke length is high and speed is fast.

For ~ 190€ you’ll get an amazing device, with a great and engaging company behind it, that wants to improve the device.

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Best option for most people is probably the handy, IMO the sleeve isn’t perfect but the speed and depth and api and cost make it an easy decision over the Keon.

OSR2 I believe is the best device, though I don’t have mine yet, just functionally it’s the most capable.

So really, what you should be asking is the handy vs OSR2…


  • Good Value
  • uses its own sleeve (bad with fleshlight)
  • api / app integrations
  • strong speed / depth
  • can be held but really you want to DIY a mount of some sort


  • expensive
  • multi axis motion (most scripting doesn’t support though VAM does)
  • top tier speed / depth
  • VESA mount compatible (must be mounted)
  • made to work well with fleshlights
  • DIY (requires 3d printing and assembling or paying someone to do it for you)

I’d pick up the handy, enjoy it, take some time to get your feet wet on the whole experience of using scripts and a stroker, then you can see if you really want to go down the OSR2 route. If you get into this stuff you will probably end up like me on a never ending quest to improve the immersion of the experience, and that’s where OSR2 might come in, you might also just be happy with the handy.


im also curoius i have a launch myself, which i always use with the heavenly pinck sleeve because its just flat out the best sleeve period. but it donest have any features like self lube or anything and i was wondering how it compare to the actaul multi axis ones that can constrict the passageway. and self lubricate

I do want the best experience! lol, how is this held? or if mounted how does the mounting work? generally I’m reclined in my chair so not sure how a mount system would work out but I am very interested in an upgrade to my device.

then OSR2 is the way to go :slight_smile: - be warned it can produce noise at full speeds but big fluffy blankets usually help alot

I use mine seated more too , so a monitor mount clamped to your coffee table or desk would work perfectly:

@Realcumber I’m not sure how it would work with my set up with my monitor mounts and keyboard tray, I don’t want to impose and I totally understand that you are busy but if you wouldn’t mind could I DM you a picture of my setup for suggestions on how I could make it work?
Totally ok if you are too busy or have DM’s disabled I imagine you get a lot of people bugging you about.

no bother at all - send over - all you need is a table edge to clamp onto - they even have laptop portable mounts for bed use etc

we just need portable mini SW 3701 's to put on the end of the osr2 and we’re golden.

quick google gave me these - but pretty sure u didnt mean these ‘cum catchers’ lol right?


omg - I think that is an actual real device!? - Its definitely handsfree lol - nice find :sweat_smile:

I removed the battery from my keon and bought

This 15v 2a AC/DC adapter:

This package of connectors:

I wired the connector to where the battery was wired to, drilled a hole near the top of the keon backplate/cover, fed the connector cord out and now I can plug my keon in and it can be used for as long as I want.

WARNING!! Only attempt this if you have experience with wiring electronics/circuits! I claim no responsibility for damages to your keon if you wire it incorrectly!!! Make sure you pay attention to polarity!!! If you don’t know what that is… STOP HERE and proceed no further.

Mine has been functioning fine since I got it back in the first week of May and I wired it up the day I got it (I despise rechargeable toys as they are fail).

I also connected my Hummer by VeDo with a customized head unit and valve system to the keon. (I’m an engineer and programmer)

This combined with my Oculus Quest 2 has been an amazing setup…

Next I have a 5v pump for dispensing lube that I plan on connecting to the head unit, I just haven’t had the time…

Modding bleeds into everything I suppose… I used to mod my gaming rig until I bought my Alienware R11… but then I still added/replaced stock fans…despite the CPU being watercooled the 3080 didn’t have a waterblock option like the 2080. (at the time I ordered mine)

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