Kiiroo Power Blow -Make it better

Power blow by Kiiroo.

Leave’s a lot to be desired for most, due to bad research development. Or which ever oversights.

Might be good for you, might not work good enough for you!

I’m going to tell you how to fix it, if you find it hit or miss or a complete failure.

The powerblow lacks good suction, due to how they encase it.(the added material on the sleeves, designed for it. Is laughable attempt. Doesn’t work, then makes sleeves not designed like that not work if at all). Not to mention properly costs them a lot more to do, than my fix.

Problem is, it does not create a proper seal.

First load up the kiiroo feel app. Adjust the power level to max(or desired level). Otherwise its pretty weak. At full max, at to long durations it will feel just like a penis pump and can hurt you.

Then get a rubberish cap they use for penis-pumps, the cap you put your member inside. Cut the center hole wider(say about 1/2 inch overlap on top of your retention ring for your sleeve-case. Circle does not need to be perfect). Then with your retention ring, have the rubberish cap between the case and the retention ring. So it overlaps inside the case, and outside around 1/4-1/2 inch. You have to slam this thing on, I used a 2x4 and the floor.

Now your case has a proper seal. Any sleeve will work. Added bonus, the sleeve stays put and wont suck itself in as easy, due to the overflaps. Doesn’t really add much to tightness. Just gives it a proper seal.

Now you will always get proper suction, it will not be hit or miss.

Then due to some poor design. The power blow itself, loses its own gasket somehow around the main ring that splits the unit in half. I used electric tape to seal it. I don’t use the buttons for manual control, so taped over those too.

For me the powerblow is more than added suction. Sometimes its just hard to get it up, looking at a machine. Well… With the powerblow, put your loose noodle in and turn the powerblow on! No need to get yourself hard, it just sucks you right in. Then maintain the suction, start the video. Turn off suction once hard. Or use it for its actual intended purpose.

These things make the powerblow never live up to its use. Then these changes are cheap and easy. Makes me wonder about Kiiroos Research Development team, like did they ever use the thing?

Love the products from the company, but for me the powerblow was very poorly executed and few remarks people have of it, tend to be “not enough suction” well gee. I wonder why. They should just do this to their own product, instead of reinventing their sleeves for no good reason.

On a negative note, you can’t take off your retention ring easy anymore, if at all. Flipside unlike fleshlight, they literally hand out cases out with everything. I have more than I could ever use.

Use any fleshlight or kiiroo sleeves with this mod.

I find without script programing. Its better to max suction, 4000ms suck, 7000-8000 suction maintain, max pause interval(any higher on suck 4000ms, might hurt some). If you use very minor settings, it can basically tighten up any sleeve briefly.

Anyway enjoy! Don’t have pictures. I could if requested.


use the extra tight butt sleave gets a good suck but often makes a squeak I can think of many ways that could make it better, they need to just make all sleevesxompatable

Try reversing the ring that pops off the sleeve case so that its flat and you dont see those dots. Then just finesse it a bit so it can actually seal (tuck the sleeve into place and push the sleeve in with your palm while suctioning in manual mode to test it).

Hope this can help some people. I had a pain myself but reversing that ring really helps for some reason.

I really don’t understand a thing you talkin’ bout. Need pictures for clarification

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After reading this I thought maybe increasing the thickness on the seal with some electrical tape would work. I also thought maybe this is part of what OP was talking about. Might have worked a bit but not enough to be notable… also I could no longer fit it in the Keon. I didn’t know it fit so snugly.

Really I don’t know if anything will make this thing work beyond replacing the motor. It seems to be so weak. I have a toy that manually applies some suction by squeezing it when you put it in and it sucks me off 100x better.

I question if I have a defective unit though. The lights don’t come on when I charge it, so I’m not even sure it’s charging. Is that normal? If it’s not broken and the amount of suction I’m getting is normal, I’m convinced every positive review of this is either paid, a bot, or has never been sucked off before…

Edit: I just got a reply from customer service saying it’s defective, we’ll see how well the new unit sucks though.

That definitely sounds like you may have a defective unit - great to hear Kiiroo was able to send you a replacement without issue though :+1:

Im curious to know though if this is a common issue or if its an issue of too many pieces to remember to put together to make it work properly

  • Are you guys assembling the PowerBlow just as the manual instructs (all 5 parts) and using their better fitting Powerblow sleeves like Victoria mouth sleeve?
  • The O-Ring that is included is very important to have installed between the end cap, as well as the cup ring that fits inside the head of the Kiiroo cas - these 2 parts makes a huge difference in creating that proper intense suction seal

I often actually find I need to turn down the suction because the suction gets quite strong

This is a really great point - Using the powerblow before and during a session does a very good job of ‘tugging’ oneself gently from soft to very hard in little time that getting and staying hard is much less problematic, to the point that I always include it in my regular use routine

I agree, we need pictures as I don’t understand what the heck he’s saying haha.

I just used super glue to seal up the where the 2 main bodies where upper and lower meet perfect made a difference, and I used electrical tape on my other 2, anyone the specs on the Keon motor, My motor I’m sure is going to break down, I’m on number 5 Keon every flexible coupler breaks and I’m sure motor is next, easy fix under $5 you can buy a coupler

I’ll work on getting some pictures.

But basically what you want to do, is seal the retention ring.

That is why the powerblow is randomly weak or doesn’t work at all. For the air escapes out the retention ring(plastic on plastic). Kiiroo made those newer sleeves to help seal this, but it doesn’t work so good. Let alone you can use any sleeve once you seal the retention ring, big bonus. But you need to up the suction in the app first.

I used a rubber seal that you find on practically any actual penis-pump. I just cut the penis hole on it bigger. Then jammed it between the retention ring and case(rubber between retention ring and case, creates air tight seal. Like a gasket), then cut off excess to about a 1/4 inch flap. The flap stops the sleeve from sucking into the case as easily. Since rubber on the sleeve material is grippy.

Maybe me keeping it shorter and to the point more helps? Sort of feel some might use a translator. Then yes, for how I talk. Probably doesn’t translate well.

Since my last message I have gone on to buy a Powerblow, and sleeve and find that it can be quite strong to the point where the KEON can barely move the stroker, which I find to be incredibly frustrating.

As you’re making the powerblow even stronger (which I will be doing thanks for your instructions), is it just to use it as a pump and not to be used alongside the stroker?

For me I think I’ll implement your method to make the pump even stronger but just as a pump because I think as a stroker it’s useless as the motor can barely move the stroker leading to less pleasure.

Mine still moves, just little slower on the upward swing. If you find it plenty strong out the box. Then every time you’ve used it, it created a pretty proper seal then. Mine would half the time and I’d have to adjust the sleeve, before I added the gasket. Couldn’t even feel it suck my finger sometimes. Since I added the gasket, it works 100% the time, along with any kiiroo/fleshlight sleeve. Even used fleshlight ones. Feel no suction difference. I only own 1 sleeve made for the powerblow, feel no suction difference. After adding the gasket.

Thing is how you set the settings. I set pause iteration to max, if you want a heavy suction at least. 100% power. 4200-suck, 6500ms-hold, max-pause length. You do that in the feelme apps “pattern” part. If you want it to just tighten it up and pulse, then go very fast times. Basically. Anything past 5k-suck hurts for me.

What sucks is pornhub and SLR actually have scripts that integrate the powerblow, but I can’t find anyway to do that(make powerblow scripts). buttplug does detect and connect powerblow, but no other info to run with. Had to be some auto setting off main script, since it would work during sex scenes.

But to be honest, I mostly use it when I go limp or when I start(it sucks you right in, then your hard or it stays in via suction and gets hard with strokes). Then when I want more intensity, for it does tighten it up and changes the feel a lot. Then I normally go light on the lube, to avoid cleaning the powerblow, it hurts twisting that inside cap off. But it wont hurt it… just a bloody mess…

If you meant use it like a true penis pump and stroke with keon. Then I’m not sure. For I don’t hold vaccum long enough. You can use it like that, but if you can handle super hard suction, then yes Id think the keon wouldn’t move much, till gradually during the vaccum hold part, then fully during pause.