Kiiroo PowerBlow attachment

This new attachment is able to be controlled via bluetooth… So that to me seems like it could be scripted here with OFS or the like…thoughts?

I bought one to replace my make-shift vacuum pump attachment I made for my keon/feel stroker, since the bluetooth function of this caught my attention…

Link to a video of the PowerBlow and how it is used:
How to use PowerBlow by Kiiroo on VimeoKiiroo PowerBlow


id love to be able to use it on anything besides feelconnect since i fins interface central and fap tap have the smoothest/ best feeling scripts
but no autoblow compatibility from what ive seen


Powerblow disassembly and changing to dedicated power supply information.

The top plate (circled in RED) is clipped into place… it was difficult for me to remove this but it can be done. I accidentally broke one of the clips on mine but it still attaches sufficiently.

The Orange circle shows screw hole access. There are 4 screws that once removed will allow you to open the device and access the mechanism and battery.

The battery is a 3.7v 2.59Wh (700 mah) lithium.

I purchased a variable power supply that offers 3-24v 5A output. You can use any power supply from 3.5-5v as long as the amp output is higher than 4A (this allows for stress on the motor… stress on the motor will increase the Amp draw… batteries can handle this spike in amp draw and translate that into heat and decreased life… power supplies translate amp spike into heat and sudden death… so make sure the Amp output is as high as you can find… but voltage must stay around the 3.7v… digital circuits operate on 5v so that is the cap… don’t go above 5v… I’ve tested this at 5v and it operates normally… but I set my variable power supply to 4.36v)

You can find DC Power Cable 12V 5A Plugs Male Female Connectors on Amazon fairly cheap…
I bought these ones…
DC Power Cable 12V 5A Plugs Male Female
this allows you to wire on a connector for easy disconnects to allow you to pull the powerblow back out of the keon for cleanup and not have to carry the power supply with you.

On the battery, the blue wire is ground (black) and the yellow wire is positive (red). The inside of the female connector should be positive terminal. Outside is negative or black.

With the yellow connected to red and blue on black wire on female connector and using this powersupply
Wefomey 120W Universal Power Supply Adjustable DC 4V ~ 24V Variable

It should connect straight up without changing the powersupply or its connector at all. Just set voltage to around 4.3 volts and connect powerblow after soldering wires to the connector… it will function immediately like normal. I used a dab of hot glue to secure the voltage adjustment dial in place so it doesn’t change accidentally.

As with anything, make sure you use a VOM (volt ohm meter) and verify polarity on the powersupply and that you have connected your female connector properly.

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