Kiiroo won't do anything with script loaded

Vid and script loaded, but kiiroo won’t budge. latest updates installed. Blue solid light on device aswell.

More details? Which player do you use, and which device? Kiiroo is only a development company not an device itself, kiiroo has many devices so which one do you use? scriptplayer only supports the launch for example…


Oh yeah, my bad. Got the KEON. I am using with with the intiface desktop app, which I connect the scriptplayer to. Following a tutorial, but for some reason it doesn’t work. I even get the handshake, but the script won’t be played on the keon

Do you tried another script? Same problem?

I have the same issue, the only thing that works for me is rolling back to a previous version of intiface desktop, and the rs engine.

I use intiface desktop v19: Release Intiface Desktop Release v19 · intiface/intiface-desktop · GitHub
and intiface-cli-rs v23: Release v23 · intiface/intiface-cli-rs · GitHub

extract the into your %APPDATA%/local/intifacedesktop/engine folder and you should be good to go.

yup, no scripts work

intiface forces the update to 20.0

What does the cli rs v23 do?

keon is very new, dont know anything about script support yet, cant help here. i guess you have to wait until software updates are out and buttplug is implemented.

Max speed set 97
Sorry My English isn’t good

IT works just fine the initface server has to be running then you have to connect to buttplug then scan for devices. Also are you sure its not connecting to another blue tooth device say a phone or tablet instead of your pc?

I’ve been having the same problem with my KEON too.

Has anyone managed to find a solution yet?

Issues with Kiiroo Keon disconnecting from Scriptplayer - Help - EroScripts

This will happen on occasion with Keon, a few things to notice, then a few things to try

  1. it happens very often if videos/scripts are loaded before connecting to intiface and the device, so make sure these things are connected before you load any scripts, this may not sound important but I’ve actually never had this issue since I enabled it to auto-connect and turn on the server since I’m not loading videos until it’s connected, likewise, turn device on before ever opening script player, although this could just be a placebo thing
  2. it can happen in the middle of videos, but if it does it usually happens in first few minutes
  3. quitting and reopening script-player sometimes fixes it, sometimes doesn’t, turning device off then back on can work but rarely does, although it it still does the connecting movement even if it doesn’t fix it, turning intiface off and back on sometimes helps, but doesn’t always. Resetting intiface tends to help, but not always. Any time that I’ve had the issue though, if I do every single thing on the list it gets fixed. Essentially, it seems to me that when it happens you need to find a way to remove the device (you can do this by resetting intiface or through the playground web app) and then re-connect and it works again. Also to note, make sure in your bluetooth devices that you didn’t connect your Keon directly to your PC, and as someone else said make sure it isn’t actively connected to your phone, while these aren’t likely your issue, they could give you further issues. Sorry I don’t have a golden bullet fix for you but hopefully this further look into the issue will help someone figure out what’s actually going on to break the commands. For the record, it has seemed like anything that removes the device from intiface works even with the bad ones that the other solutions didn’t, (updating Intiface for example removes the device, and I believe this is why it fixes it)

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