🎁 Kiiroo's Big Labor Day Sale for 2023 is live right now until September 7th! Up to 50% off!

Hey Everyone, Just giving a headsup that going on right now is Kiiroo’s Big Labor Day Sale !

(Also a headsup that links in this post are affiliate links and you can get 10% off discounting on everything else if you use the promo code :arrow_right: realcumbervip)

  • Sale starts now until Sept 7th and you can get up to 50% off!

  • Some items usually tend to sell out during these promos, so it would be a good idea to consider purchasing sooner during the sale rather than later

  • the newly released Powerblow suction add on device is not on sale, but it is still available for pre-order for 2nd week of September shipping, and we at SLR are getting close to releasing direct haptic bluetooth support for it through the Haptics Connect app!

(You can also read more details and discussion about the power blow here → 🆕 Brand New Kiiroo Sex Toy just released - the Power Blow!

  • Hope you guys can get a great deal on something you’ve been looking out for! :crossed_fingers:

If you are looking for more items to bundle together, here are some of my current personal favorite recommendations:

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Just a friendly headsup that tomorrow (sep 7) will be the very last day of this sale everyone