Looking for a Fiamurr Video

Can anyone help me find this Fiamurr video please?

Fiamurr - Step sister loves to play with my dick (0:13:54)

@Husky made a script for it a while back, and I really really really want to try it out.



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Thank you!
I checked that site and somehow I missed it. I don’t know how.
Many many thanks!

This dummy cannot figure out how to download video. Help please!.

For Chrome, just use the browser developer options (ctrl+shift+C) go into Network tab and select Media. Start the video playing and you should see it pop up in the list, right click on the video from the list and select ‘open in new tab’ that should open a copy of the video outside of any javascript player, you can then just right click and ‘save as’. I use ‘Video DownloadHelper’ for chrome for a lot of sites, including Daftsex, but it is easy enough to grab it manually through developer options if you don’t want to pay for the download manager.


Thanks for the information!
I would add that you are going to download whatever resolution you are watching so select the HD setting of the video before stating this process.

Jdownloader is my favorite. TubeOffline has a Firefox and Chrome extension that’s really useful. You can also download from DaftSex with an account.

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