Looking for a VR/funscript player for Oculus Rift S

I haven’t looked into Deo VR for some time, but it seems like I need a SLR premium membership in order to use it.
Now I am looking for a new VR player that also plays funscript files (also when both is local) but I cannot find any.
I was recommended using heresphere, but that only works for the Quest and not my Oculus Rift S.

Does anyone know a good VR/script player I can use?

PC version of HereSphere on steam works on the Rift S, and it is the best player hands down.

Thanks, I will check it out.

I love using whirligig with scriptplayer! Works like a charm!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Does that mean you need 2 programs to make the scripts work or do I get it wrong?

Well you need the buttplug/intiface app and scriptplayer combo which is pretty common if you’re using keon already or any other toy, and then using whirligig player which is the vr player for oculus, you just make sure that the video player used in Scriptplayer is at Whirligig and they connect automatically. You might be able to crack the app on oculus, but frankly, it’s worth the 5-10 bucks to just buy it legally.

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