Looking for C#, Unity and Xamarin developers to boost SLR app and Haptics connect

Hey guys

We are looking to greatly expand SexLikeReal Haptics team :fire::fire::fire:. Not only we keep bringing things to the next level, we also plan to introduce haptics suits integration, make all the videos really interactive where you enjoy your own adventure and introduce multi user haptics experience where we can jerk each other off.

Now come join us. It might be a good time to turn your hobby into the job and contribute to haptics movement.

We have open positions for:

  • Xamarin developer to make Haptics connect function smoothly and provide extra features with all the bluetooth sex toys.

  • C# and Unity developers for SLR app delivering the best VR video experience.

  • computer vision tools to automate script creation from the videos for our ScriptAI tool

  • Handy script creators for VR videos (free tutoring)

  • hardware engineers to work on SexLikeReal sex toy

  • knowledgebase and documentation writer

  • PHP developer to make back end for all of this

  • JS developer (WebXR)

  • data scientists and analysts to make sense what’s going on

  • people skilled with image labeling for a ton of lableing

  • Dedicated Project managers for each team (haptics, back-end, front-end, Unity, WebXR, marketing, etc)

  • Flat and VR UI/UX Designers

  • Blogger

  • Video editor

We have really big plans making haptics work really smooth with VR, providing unparalleled experience like you see with nowadays iPhones.

Nothing suits you from the list above? Just mail us careers@sexlikereal.com and tell what you like most.

Include things you enjoy most working on or anything you have in mind that you think is really cool to do.