Looking for content for a new self-made compilation - Riding Challenge

Would you be mad if I made a lil script for this?

I will consider it.

Only thing is that VR files are very big and it takes even longer to collect the material ^^ Otherwise definitely interesting and I will consider it.

I will script the video once it’s done. I am just posting sneak peaks of it as a teaser and to get some feedback of it. Once I am done with the video, I will script it and fully release it.

Seeing a lot of back in the video

Video is coming together nicely and I am almost done with the raw edit. I just need to collect a few more videos, since I don’t want to reuse videos. I will only reuse videos if there is variety in the positions. For example if the video has a cowgirl section and a reverse cowgirl section, I will use these two sections.

I am also needing your help again.

For the finish section of the compilation, I am looking for an epic creampie. If anybody knows / has / finds a really nice creampie, post it here. Please don’t forget, it has to be a riding creampie, either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl!

You can post as much suggestions for the creampie as you want. I will pick the best.
Looking forward to your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

I got the raw edit done now. You can give any feedback to it. I can still do changes, until I get a good clip for the finish.

Things I need to do:

  • Get the final scene done
  • Make the countdown a proper countdown
  • Add a general 30 minutes countdown to the upper left corner
  • Add credits in the end

Also, don’t forget, you suggest a clip for the final section.

Hello again!

I started making some progress on the PMV edit. Here is a first version of it.
Around 2 minutes are done, but I didn’t do any editing yet. I just cut together the clips for now. Full video will be around 4 minutes long.

Feedback is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: