Looking for Empornium Invite

Does anyone here have an empornium invite they would be willing to send me? I’d really appreciate it and make it worth it! PM me please

wouldn’t get my hopes up, its a pretty hard to get into private tracker, been trying for a long time myself :frowning:

what even is that

is it definitely required? I searched everywhere where I couldn’t find it(

It’s an (overrated) private tracker for porn. Other than for some exclusive or obscure stuff, basically everything can be found elsewhere. Despite having an EMP account – and no, please do NOT ask me for an invite – I get the majority of stuff from that semi-public Russian porn tracker (I’d post the name, but I don’t think we’re even allowed to discuss torrents here)

ohhh ok i didnt know that sounds lame

Well, the reason they are this strict is because a lot of trackers get taken down. By keeping it this strict, whenever trouble will arise, it will be easier to track down the source of the troublemaker. Enabling a banning streak and avoid the tracker from going down.

Normaly to get invites there, you need a certain reputation, and its the sort of reputation that will trigger the RIAA and similar organizations.

They dont even care about basic stuff at this point anymore because other trackers do this fine enough, they care about obscure things because they are most vulnerable from being taken down to be lost completely. And sure, overlap exists because when its there anyway, there is no reason to purge it.

By keeping it private and very restricted, even in the worst case that they get taken down, they at least have some guarantee that the members will be able to spread that content (and plenty of them will). A risk that for the RIAA is even bigger than keeping the tracker alive. As now usualy that content is available behind a paywall (as the tracker is unusable for most people), but when it spreads out like a plague, those paywall sites will get hurt.

And its not the tracker being blamed in that case, its the RIAA. Because that tracker is known to be this strict and difficult to get into, this strictness also protects those sites while making sure content doesnt get lost (it also promotes keeping the content available to again prevent such content from becoming public).

When those sites lose trust in the RIAA, it will cause the RIAA to lose power and make lawsuits even more difficult (as instead of joining the side of the RIAA, they might choose the side of the defender as a measure of marketing). And this is a method that such trackers can use to protect themselves.

And there are probably a lot more safeguards they maintain, but they are kept secret so companies like the RIAA cannot be prepared against it (and epspecialy since they dont even reliably know the scale, cannot do risk/reward ratio calculation either). But this can only be maintained when the tracker isnt mainstream. Once mainstream and available to everyone, the tracker is just asking to get downed.

And thats why getting an invite is hard, as 1 wrong invite is enough of a risk to get blacklisted.

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Discussing torrents in general is allowed, but site rules disallow discussion which can be construed as encouraging / facilitating torrenting, this thread included :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to do a search for one of the topics where this rule has been discussed if you’d like to offer your opinion, but I’ll be closing this thread.

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