Looking for new laptop

Was at th3 store the other day and noticed there was some computers on sale all the gaming computers where sold out. heard usually those have the best hardware but my question is… do I need all that hardware to make funscrips/use ai functions?
.Is that same equipment compatible with vr?
.what is the most important hardware

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They are the same hardware as you’re asking it. Laptops just have it in a smaller form factor to be portable.

You’ll want a decent computer for doing VR with a lot of the heavy lifting done by the graphics card.
Motion tracking for Funscript making doesn’t take too much resources as far as I can tell, but I did build my computer for heavy number crunching and VR.

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Thank you for the input :+1: have yet to mess with vr thought Xbox was going to release something along time ago.

I can chime in and tell you a 10th gen i3 laptop with integrated graphics does not work well at all lol. I wish more scripters/VR porn connoisseurs used Macs cause the Mac Mini looks fucking great right now. AFAIK even SLR doesn’t have a Mac app for stuff like playing OSR2 scripts. I don’t think anyone does.

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@Dig125 I don’t know what your budget is, but unless you simply must have portability, you will always get more value out of a desktop PC vs a laptop. This is even more true if you’re willing to build it yourself. I think everyone should, as it’s basically just adult Lego.


The single most important piece of hardware for VR video quality is your GPU. That said, you don’t need anything amazing if you’re just looking to stream video to a headset. The Quest 2 can handle streaming 4k+ just fine without even being connected to a PC.

I will note that if you plan to use something like Topaz to upscale low res content, you’re going to want the beefiest GPU you an get your hands on.

If you’re looking to create scripts (in particular, if you want to use automation), your CPU starts to matter more than your GPU. The good news is that CPU tech is pretty crazy these days. The AM4 platform is absurdly powerful for how little it costs.

Assuming you have absolutely nothing and want to get into VR scripting and playing videos for as little as possible, I’d recommend picking up a used Oculus Quest 2. The price of it new is silly for how “old” the tech is, but there really aren’t many great alternatives besides waiting for something new to come out. We had a whole discussion about this the other day.

As far as PC hardware goes, I will just assume that you want the most value for your dollar. I am also assuming that you’re not looking to play any graphically intensive videogames and that you probably aren’t going to upscale video with Topaz. If you have a higher budget or want something in particular, let me know and I’ll gladly offer some advice.

With all of that in mind, here is my recommendation without a dedicated GPU (About $450) :

And with a GPU (About $800):


Basically, unless you are willing to drop $200 or more on a GPU, don’t bother. The 6600 will get you really really close to RTX 3060 performance (within 15-ish %) for half the price. It’s the best value GPU out there right now by a longshot. If your budget is higher, by all means, get a nicer GPU!

As far as CPU goes, AM4 is just an amazing value. The 5700X is the best bang for your buck, imo. There ARE cheaper options, but you might start to feel it if you’re getting into scripting and motion tracking. The 5600G in the cheaper build has the benefit of being pretty damn close to the 5700X I recommended, BUT also has a solid integrated GPU that will be just fine for scripting and even some moderate 1080p gaming if you wish.

As for RAM, the more the merrier, but you should be fine with 16Gb. 32 would give you some more comfort, but I can’t see spending the extra here. It’s a super easy 30 second upgrade down the road if you need it. 3600mhz because it plays nicely with these CPUs.

Storage - AT LEAST 1TB, but honestly, the more the merrier. My “To Be Scripted” folder alone is sitting at 974 gigs at the moment.

I could walk you through the rest, but those are really the most important bits.

Remember that you’ll also have to factor in the cost of a monitor if you don’t have one yet.


If it HAS to be a laptop, I’d probably recommend this one with an RTX 3050


I actually did some more research and I stand corrected. The i7 on this upgraded laptop is better than I thought. I would be an upgrade from the two AMD processors I suggested, but the cost is also significantly higher. All you’d have to do is drop another $30 for the 5800x vs the 5700x and you’d be right there in terms of performance.

As for the GPU, it’s not even close. The 6600 would blow this out of the water


I picked up a 2022 Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 for $1800 on sale. The battery life sucks for anything other than word/excel type tasks, but hot damn it’ll game at 2K when plugged in just fine.

Google the model number: GU603ZW-K8104W