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Looking For PMVs To Script

I have been looking for requests for PMV’s to script for a mega pack and I still need a few more. I have posted on some in the requests field and ones mentioned in response to my last couple packs, but I haven’t found quite enough yet. Feel free to reply with any good PMV you like and I may script it for an upcoming mega pack! Thanks! - MJ


Evilone99 pmv “Gemini” would be a great one if you can find the video

First of all, thanks for all your PMV scripts. I have several suggestions for PMVs where there is no script yet. Maybe you know the PMVs from Gemcutter:

These compilations are also cool but no PMV but Gooning. Would have no idea how that could be scripted.

My personal highlight from the list is Horney Bass Sults. Apparently there was a request in the forum about it but unfortunately it’s closed. Maybe you can pick it up.

Thanks a lot

I forgot I made Horny Bass Sluts (albeit under a different video name) already - just posted it.


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Wow, what a nice surprise!
Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

so ive looked if i coud find some and thats two that seem pretty solid !

This one is really good. Damn/Wet PMV

anything by crazyheacrab would be greatly appreciated!!!

I dont have pmv to suggest but what about just songs

C-Bool - House Baby

Techno Trance - Tainted Love

Bob Sinclair - Rock This Party

I’d like to see just about anything from Cumslut Theater scripted. Some PMVs just take themselves too seriously and these are pretty fun and silly.

@linuxguy had some favorites of mine including

8 Different Types Of Cumshot Reactions 2

Epic Cumshots Volume III (Gemcutter’s Dubstep Mix) 3

It’s a bit longer, but I would love to have a script to match this one.

Ok I have chosen a few of my favorites to round out the pack! The additions from this thread will be:

And as a bonus for the pack I am also going to attempt something with:

  • Gemcutter’s Random Dirty Talk Quickcut Compilation suggested by @linuxguy

Though it will be different as it will follow the talking, not music. But still audio-based.

For those that weren’t chosen or for those visiting this thread late, feel free to keep posting suggestions as I may do another viewer’s choice pack in the future or may include some in different packs if I really like them or they fit a theme.



This one is awesome!

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“You Will Never Make It Through: Edge Extravaganza” (15:35)

or as good as the same here

“PMV You will never make it through edge challenge” (15:36)

If there is already a script for that clip (maybe with an other title?), please let me know. It would be awesome!

Another favorite:

“TIKTOK compilation” (05:48)