Looking for testers/feedback on new PMVs

I’m looking for “testers” for lack of a better word. Previewers, maybe? I’ve been putting together PMVs for a little bit now and I’d like to start getting some feedback before I release them. I’m looking to get 5 or so folks (10 max) to send pre-releases to and get their feedback on the PMV as a whole. I have other avenues open to me, but since I started putting them together here I thought I’d see if folks on ES might be interested first.

Please note, there will no accompanying scripts. I will DM you a Mega link to my current WIP, you let me know what you think about the video in general. Any and all notes.

I’m really just starting out with this, so please don’t expect too much.

I’ll close the topic once I’ve got everyone I need. Thanks in advance!

Sure I can take a look for you. I’ve scripted and put together PMV’s before I should be able to give some meaningful feedback.

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Thanks, I’ll DM you a link in about 30-45 mins or so


Would happily give you feedback on your work, if you are interested.

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Happy to help!

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Thanks, @Slibowitz & @anarkmusic - I’ll send you links via DM in the next 30 minutes or so.

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Happy to provide feedback.

I’ve made a few VR PMV’s so i’d be happy to test.

Thanks @OMO & @quiffed1 - I’ll send you mega links via DM in a few hours. Work just got super busy, so there’s a delay.

I think that will do for the time being- will update this thread later when/if more volunteers are needed.

If ever you need more people. Ill be happy to test em out.

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Eh, I could probably slide one more in :slight_smile:

That’s what she said