Looking for video suggestions for my next PMV

Hello everybody!

I am looking for suggestions for my next PMV. I want to make a sequel to my best of Slibowitz’ Scripts.

I plan for a ~ 20 minutes PMV with a (mostly) full action script. Only the finish section will probably be beat based, because finishes are often either too slow or too fast and don’t have good constant movements.

My first rough idea is to separate the PMV in three sections:

  • Blowjobs and handjobs
  • Penetrations
  • Finishes

Now to you: You can participate and choose your favorite video and script combo out of all my scripted videos for every section. I will then include your choice into the the PMV. You can also just choose for one section, if you don’t have a favorite video / script for every section. You can also choose different videos for every section, but it also can all be from one video. If there is a specific section in the video you want me to include, let me know the time stamps and I’ll that specific part.

For a better overview over all my scripts, check my Script Index or my my FapTap profile.

The more videos we will get, the better. I’ll let you know when I end the submissions.

I am looking forward to your suggestions, thank you for participating!



You have so many great scripts it’s really difficult to pick, but this one is just the first that comes to mind. https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/yourpersonalwaifu-im-a-boss-of-this-slut-closeup-pov-blowjob-15-min-blowjob/82514?u=burtreynolds
I noticed it’s not listed in your script portfolio btw. I’m also curious where the post is for this one because I’ve never seen it before.

Obviously all the Waifu scripts are my favorites. I also like the Fellatio Japan and the Yuiwoo scripts a lot.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I will add this video into the PMV.

Also thank you for pointing out that this video was missing in my index. I added it now.
For the other I didn’t make a post and just uploaded it on FapTap. It’s just a short video and I thought it’s nothing people would be interested anyway.


It’s a Waifu script. Of course I’m interested. :laughing:

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Great idea!

Here some suggestion:

Blowjobs and handjobs
YourPersonalWaifu - Amazing Goth Girl Sucks until Cum in Mouth

Eva Elfie - He accidentally creampied his own stepsister!

Xtrade64 - Soft to Cum Explosion Orgasm - Perfect Handjob

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Thank you for the suggestions!

I’ll add these videos.