Looking for VR video with advanced scenario

I’m lookinf for a new script to do. But not a mainstream video. I’m looking for something with a scenario that is not only used in the first 5 minutes then nothing. I liked when the scenario bring some immersion.
For example there is :

or this still. Not really a scenario but it’s ok

My favorite type of videos!

Stolen has a sequel. Very different, but still heavily scenario-driven.

VRConk and VRFanService both focus some more on this side of things. Prison Break’s scenario is a bit stupid even for porn (the female cop just kinda being very nonchalant about the POV letting a death row inmate off for a lay), but they do stick with it. Also a single-position scene, which I’m personally partial to.

If you’re into JAV at all, PRVR-001 is a favorite. Basically, from what I gather, the POV is strapped to a chair in a room with two students and a teacher. They’re all trapped in there and basically the women have 20 minutes to get the guy off or…I guess they stay trapped? Not completely clear unless you speak Japanese, but the scenario is easily understood.

PRVR-001 - Japanese Adult Movies - R18.com (I do have a free torrent available)

Xvirtual seems to have stuff with scenarios or themes, allthough mostly horror or darker stuff, maybe still worth checking out