Looking to buy a Fleshlight Launch

Let me know if anyone is looking to sell or knows where to still buy one.

Thank you in advance!

Look into Keon & Feel Stroker | Kiiroo. It basically has the same functionality. If you want to use fleshlights with it you need to get a version with their case and replace their sleeve.

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Just seen this, if you’re looking to save some cash and live in Europe…
Not my post but you can get a new insert cheap enough.

if you live in europe i also have a kiiroo keon for sale i ask 100 euro for it depending on where you live and what the shipping cost are i could ship it to you

I wasn’t aware that it was discontinued and that the replacement IS NOT INTERACTIVE … WTF??

I let my actual one fall on the floor, still working, but now I’m very disappointed to see that I will be unreplacable when it will completely fail… :frowning:

Get a Handy


yes get a handy or a kiiroo keon ( launch 2) or if you want the best fleshlight launch replacement a osr2 or sr6

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The Launch is discontinued, and paying a premium now isn’t exactly worth it. It’s got a small stroke length and low top speed, it likes to stutter on faster scripts, and I’ve heard similar things with the Keon as well. I’d say if you can find one at MSRP and have a good Fleshlight collection, then go for it,but if you’re starting from nothing, then maybe try leaning towards The Handy, or if you’re semi good with technology, The OSR2. As an OSR2+ owner, I have to say once you get passed the odd setup of it, it’s really one of the best toys on the market, uses any compatible fleshlight, and the multiaxis is a good time as well. The only thing I could possibly complain about it is that it has no remote function like the Keon or Launch does ( Sad S.O)

Anyone willing to sell theirs? I tried the Handy, too awkward to hold and syncing was a mess. The Keon battery life is terrible and stutters even more than the Launch.

You can find new ones for sale here.


Consider one of those What is SLR Interactive VR porn? - SexLikeReal Blog as Launch aren’t that reliable

We have crashed like 5 of those in the office while testing :thinking:

not op but im interested as well , can i dm ?

yeah dm me