Lost Collection

I’m curious if an archive of funscripts, just the scripts, exists that anyone knows of, I figure all the scripts of all time won’t take up that much space. I recently accidentally deleted a rather large chunk of my collection, and that drive doesn’t get backed up. If a single big download is out there then that would be easier to put it somewhere on a local drive and search than to eat up bandwidth for stuff i already had. The videos are thankfully stored and indexed elsewhere.

well i have found quite a few good sources, but still have one file that i can’t seem to find anywhere. it’s called TINDER DATE CUMS IN ME IN A TESLA ON AUTOPILOT I know i purchased it, but i can’t recall what site, and am fairly sure the sale site is gone now. So if anyone has a copy laying around, please dm me.

found receipt, syncarmy, but can’t use the links, site down, gone, w/e. filename from there is: TINDER-DATE-CUMS-IN-ME-IN-A-TESLA-ON-AUTOPILOT-djbsk.zip

Is this it? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c9046fe5fbee

that is the video yes, i have my vids, the script was pay to purchase tho, on sync army