✨ Lost, Forgotten, Old Scripts

I created this thread to see if there were any scripts that folks may have that at one time were available for download but as time passed links have been broken, scripts never reposted, deleted, etc… to share with the community. I have come across a few but unfortunately they seem gone forever. Any contribution I am sure will be greatly appreciated no matter the genre by someone here.


Information for all in case you haven’t noticed - like me.
The original links to RTS are dead at this time so any scripts not reposted by the original authors are now a broken link. If anyone has made a script that you did not repost here you may want to consider doing that if the video is still available.

Just a nice thing to do to provide those relentless fappers among us something more to do!


You can see the RTS archive here:

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Most of the active scripters did move their scripts to a mega or here, but there is a number that are only the scraped links to RTS. The scrapes of RTS did not move the scripts, only the authors could do that. There are probably not a lot and the authors may be long gone, but if there are any that can be reposted it would be good.

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I’ve also come across a lot of posts that are dated way back that should have a script attached to it. At least so I believe from the context of the post unless they were forced taken down, the user retracted it, or something else :man_shrugging:t2: They don’t exist on paid sites either

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I was able to find this fun script. i could not find it here.
Marsha May In Over The Edge.funscript (73.4 KB)

https://spankbang.com/1zk1d/video/over+the+edge Link found by Klick. Thank you!




i found the video on here https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/johnnyt9-scripts-and-posts-from-rts/14473/2
71.96 MB file on MEGA
MattieDoll Passionate Teen Oral.funscript (121.3 KB)


let me know if there are videos with out scripts


Milking & Edging Big Oiled Cock Slowly Ends in Huge Cumshot_Vicky Lust_720p.funscript (78.5 KB)
Perfect Sloppy Deepthroat Blowjob and Cum in Mouth POV 4k - no Nut November_Candy Love_1080p.funscript (154.0 KB)

Blowjob while Watching Porn_Nidalee18_1080p.funscript (123.9 KB)

My Girlfriend Loves Handjob and Fucks me with her Perfect Tits POV 4k_Candy Love_1080p.funscript (164.2 KB)


Thanks for the link, you can still find this video on PH in 1080p thought:
MattieDoll Passionate Teen Oral


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MattieDoll - Passionate Teen Oral

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Creator: JohnnyT9
Released: 23. February 2020 on RTS
Tags: 2d, blowjob, cum-in-mouth, european, facial, handjob, semi-professional, straight, pov, teen
Average Speed: 350
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