Lost scripts of SLR to VRConk: 'Thor: Love and Thunder'?

Some videos disappeared from sexlikereal, specifically VRConk’s videos and the scripts along with them.

This video had a script available on SLR and the video is no longer available there but it’s on VRConk’s own site without the script. Is there any place to get the script?

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It was created by @Judge so maybe you can send a PM and see if it is available to buy even if the video has been taken down at SLR. I don’t know if it is allowed due to contracts between scripter/SLR/studio though.

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a few months ago all vr bangers videos/scirpts was taken off the SLR app

VRBangers still hasn’t deployed whatever their SLR script alternative was going to be. Big surprise.

But I tried this script on SLR’s last day (the day I believe it went live). Not bad, but also not my thing or I would have bought like I did with so many other scripts at the time.

do you still have the script

Nope, I tried it streaming through DeoVR.

damn oh well

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