LostInDetroit's 2024 Valentine's Day Sale - SALE ENDED

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Hello Everyone!

Since it’s that time of year when love is in the air, I wanted to pass along a discount to all of you that would like to try out any of my scripts and spend your holiday with one of your favorite adult actresses past or present for 25% OFF!

You can view all of my available scritps on my portfolio by clicking HERE

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

New scripts coming VERY SOON!


LiD gets my endorsement!

So much so I already have the whole collection, so I can’t take advantage of this promo… but you should!

Hope you’re well, my friend.

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Thank you my friend! Super busy at work (always seems to happen around this time of year) but I should be back to my normal scripting schedule in the next few days. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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i always find myself mesmerized by your presentation style, mine never compares aha

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What can I say? Graphic design is my passion :sweat_smile:

i’ve gotta take a leaf out of your book with this stuff lmao

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If you ever need some ideas, feel free to shoot me a DM. :+1:

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Thanks a lot

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Last day of the sale today! I also have another sale planned in a few months which I think some of you will be VERY excited about!

Sale has officially ended. Thank you to everyone for your support! :metal: :