Lovense Max 2 Remapping for

Hello, I just bought the Max 2 and I’m really new to all of this - No programming experience or technical knowhow.

Looking at most funscripts they are based around up/down motion for a handy, so mapping that onto the max is tricky with it basically being 0 vibration in the up position and 100 vibration on the down position which isnt great.

Ideally would want to map the contractions to being open in the up position and closed on the down position and then map the vibration to the speed of the up down motion I would guess. Any suggestions how one might go about this?

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That converter does seem like the right thing. Thanks for that.

So in principle would I take the converted script and use that on channel A (vibration), and then use the existing up/down script and use that on channel B(compression)?

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