Lovense Solace with Intiface problems

Hey! I am new here and I just bought the Lovense Solace. I was trying to create a script with OpenFunScripter and tried to view it in ScriptPlayer. I downloaded Intiface to connect my Lovense Solace but it doesn’t do anything when viewing the video, can anyone help me or get me in the right direction? I can’t seem to set it up correctly or something. I didn’t try a different script yet as it shows my script is working in ScriptPlayer but my Solace doesn’t move an inch. Could it be that I need a different player like MultiFunPlayer?

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More likely can be a issue related to the Intirface version, i was manage to script using Multifun player DIRECTLY connected to the OFS using the Websocket API and setting Server Active

PD: also ScriptPlayer for some reason dont work with Solace

I think the only video sync program that supports Solace right now is MultiFunPlayer

ScriptPlayer and the other ones don’t send the right command types for Solace yet

I’ll look into this, thanks a lot!

Alright, I will try that. Thanks!