Lovesense Max 2 Thoughts/Opinions?

Not sure if this is the place to post, but I was wanting to know people’s thoughts/opinions on the Lovesense Max 2. I thought I’d ask here since people here have more interactive devices like it than the average bear. I’d mostly want to know about the overall reaction towards the device using it normally as well as how it interacts with converted funscripts. I’ve also heard it’s very loud as well. I’ve read some of the posts on here and Reddit, but I feel I should gauge the Eroscripts community again on it. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

It isn’t good with scripts IMO but works OK with things like , reason being that the vibration in and of itself doesn’t do all that much for me and the tightness changes so slowly that it won’t do much for regular scripts.

Game integration is trash in my experience but that might be more down to the game devs than the device.

It’s essentially just a fancy fleshlight, not comparable to something like The Handy. Don’t let their marketing make you think otherwise. On the other hand it seems well made and I don’t regret getting it.

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In normal use (without funscripts/games) with the whole contraction thing, would you say that it’s still a worthwhile item? I’ve heard people praise the tightness changes and also dissuade them as nothing but a poorly done gimmick. Is the noise bearable as well for you?

i bought one, used it 2x and then trew it in the closet. Not my kind of toy, went back to my fleshlight launch / handy and my dick was happy again.

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It was worth it for me but I can totally see why people wouldn’t like it too.

I certainly was a bit disappointed after trying it out, even without much of a frame of reference for toys. First electric and second overall.

Basically: Get it on sale if you’re interested and don’t want anything else.

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Alright, well thanks for the heads up. I appreciate the info.

It’s OK when using it outside of scripts. I wouldn’t call what it does as contractions; more like squeezing. As xipeho notes, the changes in squeeze are very slow. If you’re hoping for a BJ experience, this isn’t it. I found the air / squeeze noise distracting. I tend to set it to a level I like and change that only a few times during a session. The vibration motor doesn’t break my mood with noise. It’s OK this way, but I don’t think it’s better for solo work than say a Tenga egg.

For me, the point of the Max was the remote sex aspect. I stroke here and she buzzes over there. That’s a very nice mental place for me. The app is…OK. Aside from the ‘coupled’ mode, there’s a ‘control the other’ mode that uses sliders to affect her buzz and rotate, or your buzz and squeeze. In either remote mode, it’s OK. Nice. A different mental place that can be an added stimulus. In solo mode you control your own buzz/squeeze. It can play back simple preset patterns, which is very nice. It can also record patterns but the UI makes it more work than I’d hoped for. It’s pretty good in solo mode after finding the pattern or patterns that stimulate you.

Scripting for Max is scarce. The toy itself accepts commands to buzz and squeeze, but the vast majority of scripts are for stroking motions. It’s an interesting experience to simply play a stroker script as-is with Max; some of them are very stimulating and some are just mayhem as the vibrator ramps from 0 to 100 to 0 in a few milliseconds. You need to try several of them and see how your own response matches to a particular style. This is hit or miss, but when you find a hit, it’s very very nice.

The alternative is to write your own scripts. I’m a professional mainframe programmer, so I thought this would be child’s play. Oho was I wrong! The people who write scripts have… a touch, a skill that comes from experience. It will take quite some time before I accumulate enough of that to get through a whole scene and end up with something worth sharing. So, kudos to the scripters. Wow.

I don’t regret buying Max. I think it’s at its best when paired up with a remote partner. There’s a kind of mystery about being able to indirectly make her twitch (and vice versa) that’s got its own allure. That said, I have a Handy on order, so I’m still looking for… something.

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When you get the Handy, we would love an objective review where you compare Handy against the Lovense Max 2. If you do that, let me know, and I will ship you a free sleeve of your choice from our website (

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I really didn’t like it. The vibration was fine but not really my thing. I could not feel the “contraction” part of it at all.

I have a Max2 and it is just ok. I found the combination of vibration and squeezing enjoyable but not enough to get off. As others mentioned with scripts it is just vibration and not really that effective. On sale it was worth it but the vast majority of the time I reach for the handy over it. With a custom strap I actually used it with the handy a few times, very touchy to combine the two. Majority of the times it was just frustrating and I stopped but once or twice the squeezing/vibrating/stroking and the right script synced up and it was incredible.

I mean I already got a Handy. Would that deal still apply if I got the Max and reviewed it against the Handy as stated? Where would this review even be posted? Like on Reddit or something? Not sure if the Eroscripts lads want a review on here or not.

I feel like you’re going to like the Handy if you are still looking for something. I can’t guarantee couple experience with it (mostly cause I’m here on this site) but the community and funscripts here are amazing. I do get what you’re saying about the experience though from that perspective. Partner toys seem very interesting so I’m glad that some work as intended.


Aha, ok. Even if you still have the device the offer stands. A lot of potential customers are sending us questions about comparisons. We want some links where we can send them to objective reviews.

Put the comparison review on our sub Reddit:

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hmm, alright. I’ll get one and do that.

Works best when used with vibrator scripts ( #for-vibrator-toys ) but to be honest, for vibration I would rather go with a Hush (leaves your hands free !). The squeeze is ok, but I would rather lovense had gone with suction rather than compression. Some people like it though.