Luas cant be switched on in OFS 3.2.0

I would love to get back into making more scripts but without the luas its a pain to do. I am still having this issue where I cant enable them:


I have the luas in the following folder:


Its driving me nuts, If I open the directory in OFS it opens the directory fine so it knows they are there but OFS will not let me enable them so I can access them to use them.

If anyone can help or knows of a another way I ca get similar tools in it would be so helpful and encourage me to script again haha

Random thought, is it because I have to disable this one?

You would create a folder for whatever extension youre using. So you can see there. there is a Core folder. Then within that folder should contain the necessary .lua file. If you have multiple luas in a folder named Lua it could be throwing it off. It’s also poor programming practice to name folders after languages like that. Youre begging for a naming convention conflict. You can see my extensions folder:
then inside the rounder folder is the lua

Ah ok, I will try separating it all out, If I remember I just unzipped and dropped them in as they were.

I will give what you said a go and report back.

Ok I tried creating a folder and moved one of the lua into it but I still cant enable it in OFS. I click enable but nothing happens:

These are the functions Im trying to add, maybe they just dont work on this version of OFS?


Are there any other tools out there that anyone knows of that can help with scripting etc?

wrong naming convention
i believe it has to be named main.lua

you would make a named folder for each lua script. put the respective scripts inside each of their own folders. then rename each one main.lua

Yes, it must be named main.lua.

I dont know if other files can be loaded in from that one (never needed that, but i know a require method exists), but without a main file it wont load anything.

The folder name is the plugin name though, so you generaly dont want to split things to multiple folders if they are ment to be used together as a single plugin.

Yeah, that didn’t work for me. Having the same issue where I can’t get the lua’s to enable.

then the code is main.lua is bad

Well after lots of reading, I have figured out that the 11 Luas mentioned won’t work with the new extension API introduced in OFS 2.0. I have not been able to find updated lua scripts that will work.

you can just update the code within the lua to match the naming conventions/other syntax for the newest version of OFS. Lua scripts arent really too difficult to understand. Im sure chat gippity can do it for you too. You could also downgrade or rollback the version of OFS. Although, that would be the less than ideal solution.

I wouldn’t even know where to start. I looked at the Lua website and now my brain hurts.

here. this is probably what you want. Theyre not exactly easy to use but with some effort it will start to make sense

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