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Lube Recommendations

This is wiki post that’s editable by everyone. Feel free to add your own recommendations.

What to look for in a lube brand

Thickness, longevity, feel, scent, etc.
With many sleeves made of plastic, you must use a water based lube. An oil based lube will slowly degrade the your sleeve over time.

Certain sleeves with more aggressive textures can do better with thicker lubes while sleeves with thin walls, soft materials, or mellow textures do well with thin lubes. Fleshlight is an example of something you’d pair with a thin lube, even the more aggressive textures like Destroya as the sleeve has thin walls and the material is a bit soft.

Lube Brands

Gun Oil H20
On the pricier side. But highly recommended, well liked, and works well with many sleeves. It is more on the looser side which can lead to draining out of a sleeve. Doesn’t get tacky as it dries, and doesn’t dry out as fast as many other lubes.
Recommended to buy this directly from Gun Oil’s website. They have an email list that frequently gives 20/30% discounts.

ID Glide
More affordable. Very thin which if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s longevity is good, not great. It is very light, doesn’t leave much residue, and is easy to clean.

X Lube
It’s a powder you have to mix yourself, but it is fairly cheap. It’s on the thicker/stringier side but you can probably control that based on how you prepare it.


The Big Lube Guide