Lube Recommendations

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What to look for in a lube brand

Thickness, longevity, feel, scent, etc.
With many sleeves made of plastic, you must use a water based lube. An oil based lube will slowly degrade the your sleeve over time.

Certain sleeves with more aggressive textures can do better with thicker lubes while sleeves with thin walls, soft materials, or mellow textures do well with thin lubes. Fleshlight is an example of something you’d pair with a thin lube, even the more aggressive textures like Destroya as the sleeve has thin walls and the material is a bit soft.

Lube Brands

Gun Oil H20
On the pricier side. But highly recommended, well liked, and works well with many sleeves. It is more on the looser side which can lead to draining out of a sleeve. Doesn’t get tacky as it dries, and doesn’t dry out as fast as many other lubes.
Recommended to buy this directly from Gun Oil’s website. They have an email list that frequently gives 20/30% discounts.

ID Glide
More affordable. Very thin which if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s longevity is good, not great. It is very light, doesn’t leave much residue, and is easy to clean.

X Lube
It’s a powder you have to mix yourself, but it is fairly cheap. It’s on the thicker/stringier side but you can probably control that based on how you prepare it.


The Big Lube Guide


As a member of the European Community, I can recommend a few Lube Brands that are available for purchase here.


It is almost completely made of natural materials and is one of the best non-stick lubes I have used.

Easyglide (Personaly use this)

One of the cheapest water-based lubes on the market it is 1000ml for around €25. It does not stick and dry easily as other budget brands.

Durex (Depending on the product)

Depending on the product I can highly recommend using this lube (Especially the natural versions that are a bit more eco-friendly). You can probably also find this lube in most European stores since this brand is realy big in most European countries.

And as stated by Hugecat earilier. Please only use WATER-BASED LUBE no cremes or oils.

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I use Gun Oil H20 mixed with Astroglide water based gel at about a 4:1 ratio.

I’ve been experimenting with lube lately - Pjur Aqua is still my favorite. Pjur Man is ok, it’s a bit thicker - it reminds me a little bit of Gun Oil H2O… Aqua still edges out the number 1 spot for me.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of trying coconut oil on the handy sleeve myself but was a bit concerned with degrading the sleeve and potentially damaging the device if any slipped into the cracks of the handy.

I find I have to reapply water-based lubes which can be tedious but maybe it’s the brand…I’ll give the others a go.

It is water-based lubes in general.

X Lube and Gun Oil, both, I have to reapply to exposed areas where friction is occurring, and often. Just the nature of the beast. I can recommend both x-lube and Gun Oil H20. I keep the x-lube around in case I run out of Gun Oil H20. I used to mix the x-lube with the Gun Oil H20 to make it last longer.

As the big lube guide suggests the more important factors are that the lube is iso-osmotic. Meaning it doesn’t saturate or dehydrate the skin it is exposed to. And, that the lube doesn’t contain known irritants or carcinogens.

i still just use the fleshlube stuff, works for me :slight_smile:

I just found this.

Seems to be very informative.

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Liquid Silk + one little drop of TENGA HOLE Real.
Both are not that pricey, doesn’t need much (re-)application,
it pulls beautiful strings and feels closest to the real thing, especially heated.

I used to have a lot of issues with lube. I tried many brands including the expensive ones like Tenga, Astroglide, Shibari, etc. In the end I realized that I was being a huge slob. The key was to go take a shower and wash my shit off once I was done with whatever toy I was using. I have been using a gallon jug of id glide with no issues ever since. I’m sure that most people clean themselves up but I hope this post reaches the few people (like my past self) who don’t.

I’ve used most lubes, and honestly, imo, thehandy lube is by far the best I’ve used, better than gun oil. Last super long too