Machine Speed Limit

Hi everyone!

Do you guys have any information about the limits of most popular toys like handy/keon/onyx+ and etc. I mean like maximum/minimum stroke speed/time/lenght, intervals and whatsoever else. I believe experienced scripters know all this stuff.
This would be very helpful for begginers. I would like to collect all this information and post it in “howto” category.


I currently own a keon, max speed is around 550, but 100% stroke length is not always achievable with that speed. It seems that down stroke is slighty slower than up stroke (probably due to resistance during insertion). Safe max speed is 520ish with no problems with 100% stroke length.

Slower/smoother movments can be a hit or miss, I’d have to do more testing. 10% movments twords the bottom or top can somtimes be missed all together. For example 90-100 stroke or 0-10 stroke.

If you need anything else, let me know!


The Handy, FW 3.2.3. Based off my experience:

Max: 500 unit/s
Min: 34 unit/s

This is the safe zone where the Handy will perform the scripted action correctly.

Faster strokes risks being shortened. This is mainly observed at fast downward strokes where the slider does not reach the bottom.

Slower ones leads to stopping. Sometimes the Handy cheeses slow actions by shifting nodes / blending actions.

Managing Stroke Speed

Subject to change in FW 4.


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