Make CH Script more complex

is there a tool to convert a given script with just 0-100 commands to a more complex script like adding wave patterns, just 0-50 50-100 or other random pattern?

i think i read this a time ago but cant find it anymore.


Is HandyControl the app you’re thinking of? OpenFunScripter can also do this sort of thing using lua scripts, I think.

I have an OSR2, so HandyControl wont be the Program. Can i automatically convert a regular Script (0-100) in OpenFunScripter to a more complex one or do i have to edit every stroke?

I’m not sure about automatically. But you could import it, add the extra axes, maybe copy that up-down script to the pitch and roll, then run some lua code to randomise them? See Part 3 of Husky’s OFS tutorial for multi-axis scripting, hopefully that’s enough to get you started?

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