Meeting with Kiiroo soon

Hey guys

We should be meeting with Kiiroo execs and Keon creator soon. Definitely going to rise the question of introducing Wifi support that should greatly improve the connectivity with SLR app.

We are still looking to make our own “iPhone style” SLR interactive toy with perfect ergonomics and super smooth connectivity with SLR app.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Also looking for hardware hacker, PM me.


Love to hear this!

Anything that makes it easier for the KEON to work with third parties is a plus.

Fix a proper site with Cam models that have toys enabled to sync, Flirt4free has like 4 models that use it, but there platform has all the support ext for it, and works great with the models that have it, but the amount of models that have toys that can sync with the audience is extremely small! And im shure you guys can do a much better work getting models on to the interactive 2 way toys, and not just the “Tipping vibrator crap”.

Make a better service than them, and maby talk to Kiiroo about maby getting a sponsor deal, so the models that can’t buy the toy can get it for free or something like that if they are on your site.