Meta quest 2 funscript problem

Hi i Just bought a meta quest 2 vr and when i try to upload the funscript the vr does nothing. Can anyone help me? I’m using autoblow ultra

Not enough info here to diagnose your issue but it’s not as simple as opening up the default meta video player as that has no way of opening scripts. also you don’t say what software your using to connect the oculus to your device and no the oculus’ Bluetooth by itself is not enough.

My setup linked my computer wirelessly to the oculus and my computer would run DeoVR (video player capable of both running scripts and casting to the meta quest), (the program that was used to call my device, in my case it was a vorze piston before it broke), and the Oculus Client (the program used to call the headset and keep it connected as well).

Also should probably mention most applications for videos recognize devices from either lovense, xtoys, or and your “AutoBlow Ultra” is not even listed to I do not believe its api is supported currently, if it is then someone needs to update the index.

I could be wrong on all this, good luck and feel free to check the index if you hear it does get added.

also should mention there are a fair bit of topics that already cover this so you may want to go look at those.