Meta Quest 3 announced

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Meta has officially announced Quest 3 today. It will be released this fall and will start at $499 / €570

The video also confirms that there will be a full color passthrough. In addition, the device will get new higher resolution panels, become a lot slimmer and lighter, and of course get stronger GPU.

In addition, “natural depth perception” will be possible. No idea what that means. Here is the trailer:


i just got the meta 2 damit!!!

I’m HYPE - not just for me, but to pass down my Q2 either to a buddy or a scripter in need :slight_smile: Still a great headset - but I’ve been holding off the Quest Pro hoping most of it’s features would make its way to Q3!

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Looks great, but I’ll wait for the reviews! My biggest hope is that they improve the black levels compared to the quest 2, as its black is a medium grey at best.

can i get a fucking displayport


Another release with no support for PC. Feelsbad.


I am honestly kind of excited for this. I have been waiting for full color passthrough. Now here’s to hoping that we can still sideload apps like HereSphere.

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Id say they wouldn’t be stupid enough to turn this off, but it IS Meta. Sidequest needs to stay!

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You can use the Quest 1 and 2 with a PC via the link cable. Air Link works decently for most things, any USB 3.0 Type C cable works too. It’s literally a DisplayPort signal sent over USB 3.


Oh, I’ve been slumming it with a Rift S because I didn’t think the new ones were worth the upgrades, now I may just have to check out this new one if it has the PC link capability. Thanks for the heads up!

The Quest 2 was a pretty shitty headset wrt comfort, fit and screen quality - they made many sacrifices to get it down to the price-point it launched at. I think sticking with a Rift S is a perfectly reasonable thing to do tbh!

Since the Quest 3 is being launched at a higher price, I’m hoping it’ll be better than the Quest 2.


Interesting take - I know the contrast is a lot better on the Rift and other headsets, but I found the Q2’s resolution to be really nice - though I 100% agree with your other criticisms.

I’m hoping Q3 is displayport over USB since Q1/2 were compressed over USB (similar to displaylink docks) with all the resulting latency and quality drop you’d imagine for a 4-8k signal over a couple hundred megabit

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tbf thats probably not gonna be a big improvement on this, and the best bet for a standalone with decent Black levels would probably be ( sighs heavily) the quest pro. ( local dimming can get 75% of the way to OLED Black, but only oled will produce true inky blacks [and maybe mini LED but there currently isnt any vr headset with such tech so thats still up for review])

im not a tech guy, i’ll be waiting for you guys to review the quest 3 before i buy it, interested to see what apples headset brings to the table too

Apple just announced their headset is going to cost $3,499. Anybody else"s eyes watering?

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Video gif. Eddie Murphy Leans back, a wide grin on his face, and emphatically claps his hands together as if to say, "There we go!"

More details:


its not. its a compressed h265/h264 video signal.

lol yeahhhhhh i’ll be going with the quest 3 i think lol

You’re right! I did some more research into it and I was misled by all that USB consortium marketing about USB3 sending a ‘real’ displayport signal >:c