Meta Quest 3 preorders today

Just pulled the trigger on one. Oct 10 release. Anyone else? Sure it’s only a minor upgrade, but I’ll take even a single digit percentage improvement when it comes to VR porn!

The upgrade is so small compared to the Pico 4 and the Pico is one year old by now.
I am hoping for a big leap on the next headsets. Hopefully Valve will bring it with the ominous “Deckard”.

I feel like VR is still stuck in some weird place. There is nothing that pulls people into VR. Sure, for us it’s porn. It gets better and better and the quality is amazing. Passthrough is some really cool feature, that came out of nothing and blew me away. But other than that, there is not much. Games are not that good. Best game is still Half Life Alyx by far. What was after that? Nothing. Anything cool on the horizon? No. There are some really great games out there. But most people want Half Life Alyx level kind of games. Social experiences are also pretty lacking. The so called “metaverse” is probably some years away, which could be the ultimate social, gaming and entertainment experience VR needs. Until that, the hardware improves, but the software is still lacking.

I still have a oculus rift, so for me its a big upgrade right?

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I’m pretty sure the Quest 2 is a big upgrade unless I’m thinking of the wrong headset.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to play Alyx yet, but there’s Ghosts of Tabor if you want Escape from Tarkov in VR. The same studio is also turning Rust into a VR game called Grim. If solo play and (maybe?) coop is your jam, Into the Radius is getting a sequel. I actually lost interest in 2D games once I got my Quest 2. I don’t care about any of the social experiences or whatever the “metaverse” is going to be. The big thing for me with these Quest headsets is that I don’t have a VR capable PC at the moment. I will probably be trying to get into PCVR before getting the Quest 3 I think.

I can recommend Vertigo 2 as a excellent VR game.
Other than that, yeah, agree that VR games seem lacking, especially immersive stories and such.

The one thing lacking is sense of touch. You can only go so far with certain equipments and phantom sense, if you can even get phantom sense.

Yeah, honestly the big reason is that the economy is so horrible for consumers right now except for in China in terms of humans having any surplus income, so most companies are just staying in the R&D cycle except for the few which have gained some traction.
I expect that once the interest rates start falling next year and then the economy recovers a bit, there might be another bull run of excitement with VR tech that they really try to scale up.
Companies can’t affordably source the stuff and people are depleting their pre-covid pre-inflation savings, so it’s been a bad time for any company to want to ship something. Meta even had to raise the price of their Quest 2. All the phone CPUs have barely improved at all gen over gen since covid.

Screen tech has improved a lot lately though for the price, so I imagine something like a Pico with OLED 120hz with really high res (like 8k or 10k+) could come out during the next bull run, for people who are looking more for visual clarity first and foremost. We could reasonably just do some AI upscale or DLSS by that point and run some good content :slight_smile:

I have similar feelings with VR. I’m normally the type to buy into new tech- even at early stages when the price is high for subpar hardware/software. I tried the early stages of VR (popping a phone into a headset), and while it was all neat, it didn’t really feel like something which could create an experience which was better than what I already had (or at least what I was looking for). Prices are decent now for what I’d consider a novel experience, but it’s still not really convenient and smooth enough for me to fully buy into. I also haven’t been able to get immersed with latency and fiddling with controllers. I love the jumps in hand tracking tech, but things still track with a noticeable delay- same with head/camera movements. That said, I have not tried the latest headsets, so maybe those issues aren’t as glaring.

Into the Radius is a fantastic game. The atmosphere in this game is truly incredible. I never felt so much fear in a game. Wandering through the land at night, hearing the weird monsters and all of the sudden they are in front of you. That’s where VR comes to shine and a 2d game would never achieve that feeling. Looking forward to a sequel. I didn’t even hear that there will be a sequel.

Same. I tried some VR chat, but it’s nothing for me. I am not very social and I don’t want to be very social. But a lot of people care for the social aspect. So we need that social aspect to grow so VR can grow. The metaverse has the potential be everything from social to games. But this is in the far far future.

Right, Vertigo 2 is amazing. I played the demo and it felt like a Half Life game. I am gonna buy it one day, probably during the winter sale. But you are right. We need this story rich games filled with interactions made for VR. We need a Cyberpunk 2077, a Starfield for VR. That would be big. My hopes are, that with the next Valve headset, Counter Strike 2 will get a VR mode. That could also be a very big thing.

Yes, screens are improving so much. I remember the CV1 and the blurry mess it was. And now the screen is so sharp and clean. Apparently there is a leak for the Pico 5 and Pico 5 Pro Max, which shows very high resolutions: 2560x2560 per eye and 3840x3840 per eye. But it’s not sure if the leak is real.
Source of the leak

I am really not worried about the hardware. It’s improving fast. 5 years ago we couldn’t imagine a standalone VR headset. Now it’s the standard and they improve every year. It’s just the software that stagnates.

And like you said, the problems with economy play a big role in this. Developing software for VR is a very high risk. The costs are immense and you might not get any profit out of it. But I guess VR porn is lucrative. Many new studios are rising up and the existing ones are producing at such a high rate, it’s crazy. So it’s up to the porn industry to drive VR forward - again.


lol good old porn :smiley:

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I have the Quest 1 and had the Quest 3 now since two weeks.

It’s super big jump. I had a Quest 2 too, but did hate the colours on that thing so I rather took the older Quest 1 for everything, but Quest 3 is phenomenal (for that price even). Also had a Pico 4, but that one also feels old now in comparison. If you like Pico you should wait for the 5.

Lots of great PC games nowadays so not sure what Slibowitz is talking about, but I also play a lot of multiplayer.

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for those of us who ONLY use the Quest for XXX, would you say that the jump in visual quality of the 3 is worth it over the Quest 2 (that you returned)?

I only use my headset for porn. I get bad motion sickness when playing some games. I still remember watching this video on my Oculus 1 (god I loved those OLED blacks):

I thought the Oculus 1 was good quality but when I saw the same video on the Oculus 2, I could actually read the words on her thigh tattoo which I could not do on the 1. If all the Quest 3 does is get me slightly better colors/refresh/clarity I’ll count it as a win.

Pretty much depends on how much porn you watch with it really. You had a Quest 1? Absolutely worth it no questions asked. You had a Quest 2? You get a bigger FoV and the pancake lenses look way better and I am content enough with it now and not missing my OLED Quest 1.

But I also play a ton of beat saber and do other things with that. The price is a small issue for what you get. Imo the biggest thing that surprised me are the MR capabilities. Still amazed at how it just works without any issues.

Can imagine passthrough porn, especially CGI, with the character/person sit next to you and moving the Handy according to how the character/person acts.

What are MR capabilities?

Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve never used pancake lenses in person - would you say that the picture is clearer, smoother, better contrast, less pixelation visible? Just trying to wrap my head around what effect lenses have on picture quality. Appreciate it.

Yeah way way smoother and clearer. I am super happy how great pancake lenses look. Also the bigger FoV increase is great and the overall headset just feels great to wear. Games are sharp now and look great too. Picture quality is amazing.

The MR capabilities are cool. You double tap and if you have good room lighting it looks great. I can pick up my smartphone and read messages too. So people could add their favourite CGI characters and have them intereact with them. Also you can put up pictures or videos on your room walls and shit which is pretty cool so far with lots of things to come. Everything is also very snappy.

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Mixed Reality.

I saw something funny and uncanny here from a similar tech but for the phone:

It would be really cool with stuff akin to VRChat, kinda have people hanging out in your room or whatever.

I only used the HP Reverb G2 and it wasn’t usable with glasses, just seemed super blurry and not enjoyable so I had to return it.
Looks like the Quest 3 has these for just $50 though!