Moveable OSR2/SR6 Vesa Mount for Stanley 1-83-069 grip

Recently, I changed my setup location and it’s now closer to a table. So I wanted to see if I could find a setup simpler/sturdier than my old mount.

I saw a lot of good reviews for the Stanley 1-83-069 grip, so I bought one. But I quickly realized that I missed having a way to get the OSR2 out of my lap when I needed it. I felt kind of trapped under it.

So I came up with this contraption:

(And, yes, I know, my OSR2 is not as sexy as @g90ak version :smile:)

The main feature is that it can be pulled up when not in use. It uses magnets to keep the mount up. So far, only 1 magnet pair is needed so it should be enough for even the beefier SR6.

Of course, since I had to fit the Vesa mount as tight as possible in the holder while still being able to move it, the rigidity is decreased a little bit but not by much in my opinion. So far, the table is rattling more than the VESA mount (I might try to buy a cheap 24-inch Patio Slab and put it on the table like I did to stabilize my 3d printers).

I also added a ‘chair alignment’ thingie - the idea is to tie a small stiff rope to 2 magnet buttons that can stick on both sides of your chair when it’s in the perfect spot. Then you can adjust the rope length with the ‘rope squeezer’ and screw an M4 bolt behind the Vesa mount holder. This way you can easily reposition your chair later. When not using it, I just stick the magnet buttons on the metal part of the Stanley grip.

You can find the STLs and fusion 360 files on

Note: also added a ‘I-Lube Adapter’ as a bonus.