MRLDolls w/the handy?

I love the look of the MRLDolls and thinking of giving one a try, it would be my first Japanese onahole so im excited to say the least. But i would love to be able to use it with me Handy or a stroker of some kind. Does anybody have any advice or possible attachments to make this possible? From my understanding they are too heavy for the handy.

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Experience tells me the Handy holds up to 420g without significant slowdown. What is the toy? Never heard of it.

I believe @Abdulis designed a slider extender before which allows two velcros to secure longer toys. I’m just not sure which one is the updated version on thingverse.

Thanks Falafel :+1:

It would be the latest one visible - i think it was that x/y funky name one… i’ll look for the link… actually maybe the new clip-on sleeve holders would be better.

ima be honest i had some and sold them off. I literally ordered them for use of scripts

reasons 1- i couldn’t fit in 2 of the 5 I ordered. I’m not a huge guy but I guess I was too girthy for it. I lubed that shit up but could not get in unless I didn’t mind actual pain trying to squeeze in.

reason 2- some of those patterns are a hit or miss. Some of them are waaaayyy to stimulating, could not enjoy any script with it due to the intensity of the pattern. also the material is somewhat hard so it adds to the intensity. (I know everyone has a personal preference but man I enjoy a good long session, not a 1 minute flashbang.)


@Midevil which ones did you have and did they work fine with the handy? if you dont mind me asking

If this is the clip-on sleeve holders you are talking about, I don’t think they would fit the onaholes… They were way thicker than the Handy sleeves.

This double slider extender looks like it could work. I just don’t know how to install it

Is this the MRLDolls you are talking about? God some of these designs are giving me nightmares…

To avoid colliding with the machine I’d recommend something that is more of a cylindrical shape.

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Thanks for reminding me - yes, I hadn’t looked into the mrldoll sleeves/ figurines properly. Definitely won’t fit in the clip on sleeve holders designed for handy sleeves but also work with some tengas too. Yes the double slider above was to complement the full slider replacement part but next week i will release the clipon version of it for easy clip-on installation. Then other such sleeve could be utilised though weight to motor wear should be considered.


Yes, those are the ones i am talking about. I think youre correct though, they are probably just too oddly shaped and heavy.