Multi-Axis Examples?

I’ve seen the scripts around having Multi-Axis scripts alongside the standard ones, and that there are some devices like the OSR2(?) that have more movement options associated with said scripts, but are there any examples of these devices moving as such? Is it really such a big improvement over something like the KEON? Tried looking stuff up but failed to find any relevant videos showing multi-axis actually happening and how big a deal that is for this scene.

Any experiences shared would be nice to hear, and any videos showing this function working would be great as well. It seems in very high demand based on the comments from those who have them, so I am obviously curious.

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Tempest (the guy that designed the OSR2 and SR6) posted a video of them working on Youtube (no nudity but still not work safe though). Check it out here:


Interesting. Seems like it would definitely be an improvement, though the investment for that improvement while already having a device is up to preference. SR6 seems to have the most mobility from the looks of it, but also seems like it would be incredibly loud. OSR2+ seems like the choice to go with as a middle ground, as it has like 90% the movement anyways.

Also looked up Tempest, and found this: OSR2+ All The Way – Your Hobbies Customized LLC
Has even more gadgets like suction, heating and auto applying lube. That has to be one heck of an experience should you be willing to afford such a thing. Anyone around actually have that beast? What’s the take on it? Can’t imagine many scripts also have heatmaps, as the owners of such advanced devices are probably far and few between, on top of scripting for all of its functions.

Thanks for the vid @tombolombo , quite informative.

I’ve got an OSR2+ all the way from M0saic and it beats my Keon hands down. Noise isn’t too bad and you can upgrade the servos to quieter ones if you need to. Both the OSR2 and SR6 are expensive, you’re right, but these are basically the best in this class so you’re paying for it and it’s worth it if you have the free cash available. There’s a learning curve so if you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out.

If you do end up buying one (or printing one), I’d recommend supporting Tempest on Patreon. His Discord is the best place for help and he’s always improving the designs for both the OSR2 and SR6. There’s a lot of really cool conversation there about this and related stuff and Tempest is very active and responsive.


It really does make a huge difference. Even just the osr2 with the pitch and roll functions really changes how things feel. As far as feeling more real? I dont know about all that, I usually dont watch scripted videos for realism (more of a pmv guy) There’s alot less material with multi axis, but the osr 2.1 is much better than my old FL launch, thats for sure.

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I have an SR6 and I am very satisfied. It is on, it is a budget. If you are a handyman, you can order it as a kit and mount it yourself. I advise to upgrade the servomotors, the noise is less intense.

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Multi Axis is very significant improvement over current commercial single directional devices like the Keon - they are definitely more difficult to script for, but they truly make the toy come to life in a very special way

I’ve recorded some videos for a multi axis script (OSR2+) I made if you are interested in checking out.

I have only the basic entry level servos fyi, but other than higher noise levels, they perform great

Here’s my example: →

Several more over here → Realcumber's Porn Gifs | RedGIFs


Whoa! Did you make a script for the multiaxis for this one?