Multi-Axis Scrips and estim


I convert the funscripts into estim because it it the best feeling for me.
Sometimes there are multi-axis-scripts. There is a standard funscript but also twist, pitch and roll scripts. What is the best way to convert these files into estim.

I would be grateful for a few tips.

There currently is no way to convert multi-axis scripts to estim, but the following information might be useful.

With a single channel, you can’t really move around the sensation. With threephase, the sensation can be moved in two dimensions (example up/down and left/right). With four-phase, movement is possible in three dimensions, etc. To use four phases or more, you need an DIY estim box with more than 2 channels.

I created software (Restim - e-stim audio generation - #7 by lucindrea) to generate three, four and five-phase signals based on input from multifunplayer. The three-phase implementation works extremely well. However, there are some problems with the four and five phase implementation: it is very difficult to calibrate the software, and conversion from funscript meant for multi-axis stroker devices to funscript for Restim is an open problem. This part of the software isn’t really ready for general use… but you can try it if you have the hardware for it.

Since the ‘degrees of freedom’ for a three-phase config is limited to two, adding twist, pitch and roll doesn’t really work. My usual setup only uses the main funscript axis and generates the second axis. Instead of using the generated one, you can load a twist/pitch/roll axis as the second axis in Restim.

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