Multi Handy Web Player (Update 02/12/2023)

You can try to compensate the trust with some elastic band like a ballesta

Hm, interesting idea. Thank you!

Does this work with 3 or more Handy’s? Two for the dildo and one for the sleeve?

yes! it works

Sweet! I’m about to order two new Handy’s and see if I can figure out a 3d printing solution to lock them together. Unfortunately I don’t have any 3D design experience so I’ll have to figure something out with what already exists

yes i try to do a doble holder but not come out well

I saw a model floating around that secured the handy to a monitor mount and looked pretty secure. Universal Hands-Free Handy Mount by defucilis - Thingiverse

If you have modeling design experience maybe you could design something to brace two of these together at the bottom and the sides and relocate the monitor mounting bracket to the bottom?