MultifunPlayer configuration for Auxfun

Just recently bought the Auxfun Controller Box and was able to get it connected using but I can not get it to sync to scripts within MultifunPlayer. Once I add the device map for the auxfun the device goes full speed. Does anyone have a working configuration or maybe know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks


Not helpful but…how did you get it to connect? I set intiface to “search for devices” but it doesn’t see the Auxfun box. On my phone I used the Auxfun app and it connected but never appears in my Bluetooth device list on iOS.

If you can help me with this, I’ll work on your issue next.

I also had trouble connecting to it at first. Make sure it’s not trying to connect to your phone, I forgot the device on my phone just to make sure. Also update your Intiface as support for the device was recently added. I was able to connect to it after updating.

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I am having similar issues. No matter what toy I connect to Initface, it does not work in MFP. My handy, auxfun, lovense toys; none work. I can manually control them in Initface, initface connects to MFP, my script shows, but not action. I am just giving up with MFP at this point.

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