Multifunplayer not playing video?

I know the program isn’t really meant for the Handy but i figured i needed to try the software if i was gonna eventually buy/make an OSR2. I can’t seem to get a script playing. I followed the guide on github as described but i seem to be missing something maybe?

You need to play a video in MPC-HC, if you want to play scripts without a video use “Internal” media source instead of MPC-HC.

wow okay, that was my bad. I though it would auto find the video or something

It auto finds scripts when you play videos. You are mostly interacting with a video player while “in use” so it doesnt make sense to switch to MFP to change a script/video.

Is the movement usally very “jerky” with the handy? or is some setting that needs fine tuning?

The Handy support in MFP is experimental and probably wont work well due to how MFP works internally and its features. It works best on devices that have fast local connection via serial or wifi, The Handy requires all commands to go thru their servers so there is big delay and jitter.
It technically should work fine at low update rate, but I dont have a Handy so I cant test if the issue is caused by MFP.

Oh well, isn’t really a problem ill just have to get myself an OSR2/SR6

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