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Multifunplayer not working with lovense edge 2

Hello so im having issues with multifunplayer actually running the script on the toy.
What ive done is as follows
‘Step 1: Turn on device that you are trying to connect to Intiface.
Step 2: Click on the Devices Tab in Intiface. Then Click to start server and scan for devices.
Step 3: Once the device is connected to Intiface Click stop Scan for Devices.
Step 4: Click on the Server Status Tab via Intiface and stop the server. Wait a few seconds and then Click on Start server.
Step 5: With the server now running you will notice if you once again Click on the Devices tab your device might not be showing up in there. Not to worry. Do not try to scan for it. This will cause a conflict between MutiFunPlayer and Intiface. “e.g. WinSock error”.
Step 6: At the bottom of MultiFunPlayer you are going to click on the connect to via the little Play button.’ - To connect intiface and the player

And following that i loaded in the script and mp3 file to sync. The script values bar does change, however this has no effect on the toy (

Lovense edge 2) any help is much appreciated attached are a couple screenshots of both intiface and multifunplayer