MultiFunPlayer v1.29.4 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR Interactive support

Question - does this mean I can now release one script instead of 6 for multi-axis content?
All other tricks work as for individual scripts, such as setting minimum/maximum/curve, etc.

I mean you can but you will have to pack it manually as OFS does not export single file, and it will only work in MFP as I dont think anything else supports it.

Well I do export scripts from Blender - data from keyframes to json, and it makes no difference to me to do it in 6 files or 1. One file seems to be less trouble - no need to manually add each axis to MFP.

What to you mean manually add each axis? Each axis loads scripts automatically if they are named correctly.

I am not a user of your software, I still don’t have my DIY robot, so I am not aware of what works and how it works. Sorry…

Ah ok, I just thought something was not working with MFP, no need to apologize.

Love the software thanks for it. I have a question about the output range on the SSR1. I set the lower point to about 10% so the receiver doesn’t hit plastic. Am I reducing the full range by doing that or am I just moving the full range upwards if I leave the upper range at 100%?

MFP cant move physical range, that is set by the firmware. So reduced output range is always within the physical range minimum/maximum positions.

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If I use mfp for slr script, does the range setting in mfp override the setting in deovr? For my test it seems mfp range setting will override the range setting in deovr.

No, deovr does not send any range settings so only those in MFP are used.

MultiFunPlayer v1.29.4:

Download: Release MultiFunPlayer v1.29.4 · Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer · GitHub
Patreon build:


  • Fix shortcut settings popup height on high dpi systems
  • Fix possibility of script files getting enumerated out of alphabetical order
  • Fix manual axis control not getting applied while media is playing
  • Fix Stash/XBVR repository not finding scripts due to endpoint comparison
  • Fix window position getting saved out of visible area when closing the window while minimized
  • Fix update check not working
  • Try to bring window to view when restoring last position


  • Fix shortcuts not working until the shortcut settings popup is opened and closed
  • Fix possible exception when parsing VLC source position/speed due to user culture info
  • Fix possible incorrect MPC source speed due to user culture info
  • Fix plex source exception when receiving invalid timeline response xml
  • Fix no delay between plex source retries after receiving invalid response xml
  • Fix inconsistent width in device settings tab when changing selected device
  • Fix inconsistent toolbar button width
  • Add “raw” to L0 funscript names in default devices


  • Fix polled update TCode commands duration getting sent as seconds instead of milliseconds
  • Fix url encoding of media resource name when parsing from url causing script repositories fail to match scripts (#155)
  • Fix incorrect host comparison in Stash/XBVR repository causing no matched scripts
  • Fix Stash/XBVR repository not using full path and query when parsing for scene id causing no matched scripts
  • Fix invalid scene id regex in XBVR repository causing no matched scripts


  • Fix unable to capture mouse wheel gestures
  • Fix gamepad axis gestures not displaying user index
  • Fix commit sha in window title version in release builds


  • Add polled update option to all output targets (#92)
    • Polled update only sends script actions to the device ignoring all other MultiFunPlayer features, used mostly for BLE devices like The Handy to improves smoothness
  • Add configurable shortcuts (#28)
    • Supports multiple shortcuts for the same gesture
  • Add ability to change between secured/unsecured schema for endpoints (#150)
  • Add ability to change axis used for heatmap range and tooltip with scroll wheel (#148)
  • Add update check to information dialog (#34)
  • Add ability to toggle force seek option in OFS source
  • Improve keyframes heatmap range display
  • Change default UDP output endpoint to tcode.local:8000 to match WiFi firmware
  • Fix gamepad axis gestures not working
  • Fix invalid VLC source media path causing scripts to not load automatically
  • Fix XBVR and Stash script repository returning no results with UseFirstMatchOnly
  • Fix script link not updating for axes without priority
  • Fix heatmap enable preview setting not getting loaded
  • Fix possible min/max exception when using Axis::Range actions
  • Fix delay when disposing media source or output target
  • Fix buttplug output creating invalid device map when loading settings
  • Fix endpoint settings not loading when using hostname
  • Remove Uri To Local media path modifier

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having an issue connecting osr2. ive tested on SLR and it works fine but id like to be able to set ranges in MFP. i have already tried updating drivers. windows 11

Try different cable or different port. This is not really an MFP issue so it would be best to ask on Tempest discord.

Thanks ill give that a try