MultiFunPlayer v1.29.4 - Multi axis funscript player - Now with SLR script streaming

So I’m trying to do both Passthrough while using my SR6 with the MFP. If I try to access SLR through Virtual Desktop, I can’t do passthrough, but if I access SLR through DeoVR app, then I can’t connect the MFP. Any way to get both script and passthrough working?

SLR app and DeoVR are the exact same application. If you run DeoVR on your quest then in MFP you need to expand DeoVR settings and change the IP to your quest IP.

Internally MFP is completely decoupled from the script because of interpolation, so there is no destination position and time like in normal funscripts. Funscripts are sampled at 300-400hz and speed limit just looks at current vs last sampled value and corrects the current if it would cause too fast of a change.

Yea another oversight, it should read actual axis position which includes all the offsets instead of reading the position reported from the video player.

If it was changed to read the actual axis position, would it not work with the regular limiter set = or slower than the plugin?

‘Position’ in MFP is used for anything that relates to video position. It fixes both issues at the same time, should work fine now with heresphere too.
PlaybackSpeedLimit.txt (2.7 KB)

It works soooo well with MPV, but definitely not playing nice with heresphere for me. Probably the codec problem you mentioned. Even just changing the playback speed within the heresphere ui causes a hickup, and this triggers changes faster than it can trip over them. I tried their beta with directshow support, and it didn’t handle it any better. Maybe if they added mpvlib support.

If anyone else is interested I’ve added a dark/light theme toggle: | Repository Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer | Run #6594135021
Obviously WIP, the colors still need tweaking in a lot of places.
You can change it by going into settings via the cog button on top of the window, and then selecting theme tab.


Would it be possible (and it might be already and I’m doing something wrong) to be able to use multi button inputs for controls? For example I’d have the ABXY buttons do something, then do something else if I press them while holding RB or LB.

Thank you kindly! Much appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You can with keyboard shortcuts but not with a gamepad.
Not sure why I didnt implement that in the first place, added to todo: Add support for multi button gamepad gestures · Issue #142 · Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer · GitHub

Added, let me know how if there are any problems: | Repository Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer | Run #6599419266

I think MFP should add BLE connect, ayva.js is a good framework, user just need a web browser and connect OSR device with BLE

Wow that was quick. Works perfect, now just need to wait for a new Patreon release so I can use it with SLR. How often do you push those out? Or just when there’s enough changes to be worth it?

BLE is terrible for fast realtime communications. Why use BLE when you can use wifi.
But I guess bluetooth output should still be an option in MFP.

Yea, I push public releases when there are enough changes, then some time later if there are no bugs reported I post on patreon so its bug free.

Dark mode should be fully implemented now: | Repository Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer | Run #6618353587
If anyone finds something that doesnt look right please let me know.

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Is it possible to use the Deovr app locally on the headset, connect to Deovr player via ip wirelessly on Multifunplayer, and use usb to connect a osr2?

I ask because that is how I have it setup and the osr2 is connected, the deovr player says connected. But there is no script showing on multifunplayer and the device does not move while playing a video from sexlikereal.

I noticed Deovr on a computer has the option to turn on Tcode specifically but the headset app does not. It just shows haptics on or off.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

2 Iissues, since MFP cant locate the video file you are playing on your quest you have to add a script library and point it to a location where your scripts are located on your pc. Second issue is that if you are playing streamed videos for example from SLR or DLNA server the file names will not match your script names, so you would have to rename the scripts.

If you have a SLR subscription with scripts you could use builds from my patreon which have support for streaming scripts from SLR, and DeoVR will stream the video.

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Thank you so much. I plan to join your patreon today, does the latest release contain slr streaming with scripts? Or is every release unique to certain features?

They all have support for script streaming. Make sure your SLR subscription includes scripts.

Sent you a message on patreon regarding the password

If anyone has The Handy and wants to test, I changed the way The Handy gets sent updates from fixed update rate to a pooled update. It now completely ignores all MFP features and gets sent only the script keyframes. Should move correctly now, or at least better than it did before.

Build here: | Repository Yoooi0/MultiFunPlayer | Run #6830576341