My amazing E-Stim set up (Work's only with foreskin)

Hallo this is a reupload of my setup with real pictures this time,
because 1 picture says for than 100000 words.

I just wanted to share my E-Stim step up, which after years of practise works best for me.
I basically found a way to stimulate all the pleasurable spots and avoid, that the stimulation is
painfull or unpleasant.

What you need:
You basically need:
4 pads,
1 rope (I always use electrical CONDUCTIVE FLEXIBLE! rope, I am not sure if it works with a normal NOT CONDUCTIVE ROPE),
1 E-Stim device (Coyote from DG-Labs is amazing! and comparatively pretty cheap)
and of course wires.

How to arrange it:

  1. Take the flexible rope and bond it that way, that some foreskin stands out (This is where you will later stick 2 pads on.).
    The rope should be on the outside of your penis, the rope helps that the glands doesn’t get stimulated too strong. (Be carefull not to cut off the blood flow, you should also not wear this for too long)
  2. put 2 pads on the foreskin at the top of your penis, and the other 2 on the bottom side of the shaft like in the picture.
  3. Link the wires to the channels, make sure that the 2 pads on the top of your penis are NOT! the same channel (Or you have a short circuit).
  4. Make sure to slowly increase the power of your device, because this setup can get strong pretty easily, also with little power.


This depends on multiple factors. If conductive lube is used, that lube will provide flow for the current, and can do so in such way the rope isnt even needed. However, since not all skin is the same, conductive rope can help at spreading the surface area on which the current gets in. Normaly when fully solid, once the current enters, it no longer has to escape and the body already provides a good flow. But with foreskin its hard to tell how well that goes.

What i see as idea here is that instead of focussing all the current on a small area at the tip of your cock, it aims to spread out that current. A thing that normaly isnt very easy to achieve (even in a strap, there is always a focal point due to current taking the shortest distance as much as possible). You want a as big as possible contact point with as much spreading as possible.

For those interested, there is an alternative which doesnt require you to tighten the foreskin, and potentialy also could work for those without:

This has 1 contact in its ring, and the other contact is the big inner surface. Which might on that provide a similar effect. Its called the ‘zeus lighting hood’ for anyone interested. The only downside is that it requires you to figure out which contact to use as the toy was designed to have both poles but that shouldnt be a big hassle.
(even if the head cannot fill the bulge of that toy, conductive lube can be used to fill the gap, just put a bit extra in it so it has a full covering layer and it will be fine, you dont need to fully fill the thing.)

Pain in estim is nearly always a case of having bad conductivity. When skin can detach/reattach in the cicruit, that can cause pain. And while the intended locations might work fine, you can still short circuit it. And lube type on that matters quite a bit, good conductive lube will avoid motion from detaching the circuit being generaly a bit less watery.

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THe rope is very important. AS soon as I put the rope away it stings very unconfortably in my glans. I never tried the zeus lighting hood. But it looks very interesting.

That stinging usualy means the current takes a very narrow path, and conductive rope is good to spread it out (its usualy more conductive than skin). Even if its just a little bit of spreading, it can reduce the sensation a lot, and avoid getting pain.

Normaly your glans isnt an easy place to place electrodes, especialy when they are normaly flat. Which is why a lot of people already use straps for that. It ensures better contact. But even with straps you can notice a great diffirence based on their rotation, since most of the current will still take the shortest path.

But in the end, experimenting here to figure out what works best for you is important, everyone is diffirent.

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I think I need a tutorial for how you got the rope around the foreskin in the first place haha. I’m using the Coyote rope and I’m sturggling to get it around tight enough and locked in with the clips.

Is it advised to use two ropes instead of just one if difficult to get the tightness with just one rope?

To me it looks like you’ve got one rope which has been wrapped multiple times around the foreskin as opposed to a very tight loop.

hi! I tried the Coyote ropes too. They also work okay for my setup. But they are a lot smaller and shorter than mine, but still work good enought. Don’t make them too tight. You can also use 2 ropes, that is maybe better with the coyote ropes. Just wrap the ropes around the forskin (yes just the foreskin, not also around the head). Pull on your foreskin and wrap the rope around it. Yes I did wrap a rope like 5 times around the foreskin. It’s just 1 rope. But was an expensive one for around $30 for 2 ropes.

interesting set up! Looking into it to try

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