My Fleshlight case mod

Thought I would post my FL case mod. Been using this for a few months now and it’s been working great.

You will need a Dremel or some means of cutting the case.
And a 12 x 2 strap, I’m using the Myuren however it’s not available on Amazon right meow.

  1. Cut about 3 inches off the case

  2. Cut two slits in the case for the strap to feed through. You want to make the cuts at 4 & 8 o’clock. This will keep the strap from pushing on the sleeve too much.

  3. Attach the case to handy using the Myuren strap, feeding it through the handy mount and slits made in the case.

Lastly, the handy sleeve will need to be trimmed down. This will add to cutting down on the weight, and eliminate the sleeve from flopping around during use.

Be sure to use care when cutting the case. It’s round and made of smooth slippery plastic. I put mine in a vise to keep it from moving while cutting.

This mod is going to turn your FL into more of an open ended sleeve, but at the same time cuts down a significant amount of weight.

Pro tip: Use a rubber band on the open end of the sleeve. Be sure that it’s not so tight that it closes the end, try to create the smallest hole possible. This will allow the air to exit on the down strokes, and create suction on the up strokes.

Hit me up with any questions fellas :+1:


Great simple mod. I cut of the top of the case just like you but I glued a strip of rough self adhesive velcro around the case so I don’t have to cut slits in it. I also cut of the flopping top off the fleshlight sleeve just enough for it to stand up straight.

Your sleeve mod is still going up and down on an angle which might cause issues during longer sessions. I use the self adhesive vecro to tape a little piece of wood between the case and the handy so it going up and down straight.

I recommend the Vicloon 5 m double-sided adhesive Velcro tape. It is 5 euro on amazon and it’s insanely handy to have.

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I recently ordered these. Probably a good replacement for your link.
Cant complain they are a little “stiff” for being elastic but have been working great.
I also have done a similar mod but im using a 3d printed mount to connect the case and Handy, but I cut the case to the same height as the Handy “slider” and the sleeve even shorter. That was a mistake.