My SLR subscription ended now my Keon won't work!

Hello Ero community!

I am seeking help connecting my Keon + Quest 2 setup to play local files with funscripts?

My subscription ended with SLR (which has worked seamlessly for 12 months) the renewal is 300+ bucks so I’m trying to find a way around spending this kind of cash.

I understand DEO / SLR have now removed the option to play local files (w funscripts) on a free subscription ie not premium

I have searched through many threads but never seem to make sense of it, I have sideloaded HereSphere and tried that but cannot get it to connect?

I am.also running Haptics connect, which connects to my keon perfectly but still cannot play my local files with funscripts

Please Help

300 bucks what the fuck


Why am I not surprised. Sorry to hear about that.

What a way to distance a large portion of their traffic, right?

I will be happy to assist with providing the OSR2 and SR6 to people. It will always play local files.

If you have a Keon and want to move into the SR2/SR6 know that the SR series will use your Keon sleeves. Here is the adapter

Entering in at the $300 price point gets you more with the the SR series anyways. 3 axes of movement and longer/faster strokes. Then if you wanted more features like twisting sucking heating and lubing you can add them later or just go for the different price points that include them.

Feel free to DM me or reach out on discord with any questions. M0$AIC#0338

Here is my sales post.

Happy Fapping.


With multifunplayer it should be possible.

good luck

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