My Syncbot Review (briefly compared with The Handy)

Lets start off by getting rid of any biases by saying I am making this review so I can have access to the Syncbot browser app. It is a bit counter intuitive that I would not be able to give the best review possible without having such features available to me prior but hey ho. Regardless, I will give my feedback as truthful as possible.

The only reason why I got the Syncbot was because I wanted to explore more of what automatic masturbators could do after experiencing The Handy which blew my mind when I first tried it out. @slibowitz initial reviews caught my eye and is what convinced me to give it a go and I definitely don’t regret it. Thanks!

Also, one of the reasons I wanted to make this review was to briefly share my comparisons between the Syncbot and The Handy.

Firstly, there is a a big price difference between the products with the Handy being much cheaper (€189.60 vs €431.00 - standard editions) but that is not including discounts which both products do usually offer. If I therefore could only limit myself to one due to the price, then I would probably go with The Handy just for how solid the product is and how big the community around it has developed.

I typically use the Handy with these mini sleeves which I love to use. I have tried other strokers but I always end come back to them.

The mini strokers were a game changer for me as I could get a lot closer to the edge by focusing on the shaft or the head separately .The normal in-the-box stroker which comes with it, is still really really good, but its just not my go to.

With the syncbot though, I thought I would dislike it at first because of the “full coverage” as I felt it was too stimulating, but in fact, I felt it was much more nuanced. The different modes of “Thrusting, Contraction and Rotation” was not just a gimmick that I thought it would be and actually had a purpose.

The thing which surprised me the most was that slower handjob/hardcore scripts with The Handy actually felt boring (stimulating yes, but not as creative), but with the Syncbot’s different modes was actually much more enjoyable. I give high praise the community (props again @slibowitz) for their excellent work with this.

Just to go back to The Handy though, PMV scripts are just unmatched (currently!). Special shoutout to some awesome people @EvelynEvil666 @Gebby @shbek @Sol_K @ckhero @ahe @Baxtyr @noodledude @MythrilJay

Certain scripts I have tried out have been really promising and it also almost feels like I have replay value from all the old scripts I have tried out with The Handy. The setting up was much quicker than with The Handy (some updating issues at the start) but the Syncbot felt like plug and play comparatively.

The big advantage of the Syncbot is the Syncplayer software which is really good at creating your own scripts from videos. The stroke patterns it generates from analysing the scenes are very good and I’m sure it will get even better.

My final point I want to say is that I do feel that early adopter tax, whereby the Syncbot is functional but the price point is more suited for what it could develop into. With more integration with other websites and extended community adoption will help grow the product massively (which is basically why I’m doing this in the first place. Marketing 101). Once this product reaches that stage, which I’m sure is will eventually, I can’t wait to see what it evolves into!


Thank you so very very much for mentioning me. :kissing_heart: I am seriously considering expanding to making scripts as well for Syncbot. I just need to figure out logistics…mostly my current cpu limitations.


My pleasure!!!

I am seriously considering expanding to making scripts as well for Syncbot.

Guess the future really is bright!


Does the Syncbot handle vibration well?

I just uploaded a very vibration heavy script (link) and it seems to work well with The Handy, but I’d like to make sure the scripts I’m making work well with as many devices as possible.

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I’m confused. Is the browser app a controlled product? Regardless, requiring a review to get it seems a mite bit skeezy.
Numerous studies have shown that reviews provided in exchange for rewards more frequently skew towards the positive when balanced against reviews freely given. Marketers know this and choose to gamble that they’ll get a more friendly result in the balance. They often design in controls to limit the fallout if the review turns out to be bad–such as having the initial review posted in a forum first.

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Hmmmm… will definitely have to try this out. Will let you know when I do.

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100% agree with this.

Their version of events is that to access their syncbrowser software which is still in beta, they are asking to write a review. The software is not necessary to use the device so I’ll give them that inch.

I don’t know if admitting that the review could be biased is even acceptable in their marketing eyes, but if it isn’t, then that would definitely put me off the product as a whole anyway.

I do think it’s skeezy as well, but that’s why I wanted to state that early on and hope that playing the truth card would actually be better. I tried to counter any obvious bias but definitely know there will be some unconscious bias regardless.

Tried to have my cake and eat it I suppose.

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No offense because you didn’t choose to do it like that by yourself and just want the app, but that shit should be banned on here. The whole Syncbot marketing strategy is so fucking questionable.


Can’t complain with what you are saying.

I will just add they wanted a reddit post instead of a eroscripts post so you can interpret that whichever way you like.

I’ve just tried to play the situation in the morally best way I can.

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So I gave the script a go and it’s definitely interesting.

I tried the script with The Handy first and I have to say it was crazzzzzy good with the vibrations so massive props with that. Basically was the point i was making earlier about how some blowjob scripts can get boring but that was the exact opposite.

When i tried it with the Syncbot the vibrations were still really good. It can keep up with the fast repetitive movements but is mainly focused near the base of the unit where the thrusting actually happens. BUT, when it contracts first and then thrusts up and down. it was super intense so I definitely had to turn the sensitivity down. Can’t really make any proper judgements but I think The Handy motors are probably slightly faster and of course have a greater travel distance.

The only downfall was that it was not in sync in the same way it would be for The Handy. Certain moments on screen would be focusing on the head but the Syncbot was more towards the base (6:20 in the video). When the Syncbot had the right match it was much more enjoyable.

I also tried the auto video analysis script and thought I still preferred your script instead. Not to say it was out of sync but that certain key moments felt better matched.

Don’t think I would last with any of the scripts anyway so i can definitely testify that the heavy vibrations are just something else…

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Thanks for the in-depth analysis and comparison with The Handy!

I’ll keep the things you pointed out in mind when I’m making my next script.

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lol thanks for the shoutout.
Just thought it was hilarious seeing my super generic name next to all the well known ones in the community. :joy:

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